Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018 !!

Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018  last night was my 1st ever concert With this big magnitude ever attended in my life.

Bryan Adams as a personality had some super energy and a great sense of humour. 

The complete production -The synchronisation of the video to his performance was conceptualised interestingly. 

The in between act of singing songs randomly to get the audience attention.

The performances on the guitar by the man himself was like something never seen before.

The humming of songs of his greatest hits by the audience was a great vibe to witness. 

The Band member was in-tune with Bryan Adams and occasionally outperformed Bryan.The weather was so humid,the sweat was dripping through the ninety minute he performed. Traffic to reach the venue was crazy enough to cover 1 km distance in 90 minutes…It took longer to reach the venue then the duration of the artist performance. 

Being his 5th Tour in India so far.There is hardly any doubt that India isn’t his favourite country to perform.

1994 was the first time ever Bryan Adams came to India,Mumbai and performed. 

And sharing anecdotes of his first visit to the fifth one last night.

It’s been 24 years since then and he has already performed 4 more times here. May be it’s the classical and hits of mid 90s and early 00s that keep our audience in India hungry and asking for more. 


1.Keith Scott Adam’s guitarist has been with him  since 1979 -that’s 40 years since they have been together.

2.Summer of 69 passes as a Hindi song in India.

3.Everything I do for you one of his biggest hit was written for 1991 movie Robin Hood:Prince of thieves.But didn’t become part of it.

4.He is not just a singer but a professional photographer.Published a book in 2013 wounded:The Legacy of War.And shoots for fashion magazines.

5.One of the photos of queen Elizabeth was used a Canadian stamp in 2003.

6.He himself has also being part of Canadian  stamp collection in 2009.

7.He signed his first contract at $1 in 1978.

8.Summer of 69 is not about the year but about the sex position.

Public Trans!!

Public Transport

How important is the public transport   facilities?

Living in metro city and traveling to other Metro cities in india like Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai,Kolkata,Ahmedabad,Pune

and to Global metro cities like  London,Paris,New York.I have found that The most important  part of living remains the public transport.

Imagine how easy! you find it travelling from one point to another,Without worrying about where would I park,The timing of parking at “No Parking” Zone to day when one could park at the “No Parking “ Zone. To worrying about the fuel tank,Whether its Half Full,Half empty or reaching the E mark.

To worrying about getting a parking space.

Mind you Even in NYC! You have to wait to get one parking lot for your car.

Worrying about the servicing cost for your vecihiles.

Wouldn’t you like to be chauffered around in a car of your choice everyday! To not worrying about Starting your car and taking a rickshaw to the station for longer journeys.

But,Only if this could be improved in the other metro cities of our country, would it be easier to travel around and have the traffic flow smoothly too. Why can’t buses in our country run on the routes with an assigned timetable. A.C buses could be priced reasonably to encourage people to use them.

Why are cities like london and new York a breeze to move around. And Guess  What. Most of  these cities citizen  don’t even own a single car. All they use is Buses,Train,Metro,Subways to commute around.

Then why can’t this be done here in our country?

Unriped Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Premier hotel in Bengaluru wasn’t our first choice , being a Indian based hotel chain, In fact wasn’t an option at all unless,We started looking for options around the venue of our event.
Our only choice was a lesser known hotel Shilton Suite.
I wish,If we could have stuck with that option. we wouldn’t have any expectations at all.
But,We decided to go with a familiar name and stayed at the “Lemon Tree Premier “ until the day of the event arrived we had no clue about the citrus punches,we would experience And that our experience would be more like a fresh lime soda order gone wrong with too much of salt and no sugar. Or were we dealing with so unriped lemons which had just become part of the growing tree for the hotel chain.
After repeatedly watering them with message of do’s and Dont’s.They couldn’t still be nourished and that’s when I realised.
I was dealing with A bunch of unripe Lemon  from the tree.
From the Names not being on the list (For which I had earlier mentioned too,On the invoice  that was sent to me)
To not having a single room from about 6 rooms,I requested for early check- ins, to not having rooms either ready for late check-ins.
May be all they wanted was, to check in at the check- in time (2 pm) to get the rooms.
The final billing invoices too had my second name totally mismatched from another team members of ours, to have the Spelling of my second name totally misspelled for the detailed bills. This has to be the worst experience of dealing with an hospitality group.That is “Make in India “ and “Made in India .”