Fatafati(Amazing) Kolkata!!

Kolkata-Harvested Yesterday (Kal-Yesterday,Kata-Harvested)The moment we landed,at the airport Walked into the baggage claim belt. I realised The airport is Big!!

Started our journey towards our hotel.

The airport Architecture is very internationally appealing. Kolkata version of The Big Ben too Came on our way and then we realised kolkata is a Big city!! It’s the 2nd largest city in India after New Delhi in terms of the space.

The next thing that I relearned was it was also the capital of our country once.

It’s the 1st city to have had the metro compared to the other metro cities.It’s been there for 2 decades. 

Kolkata can also boast about having the 1st underground metro railway system in the country.And the oldest Running electric tram system in Asia and being the only city  in the country to have a tram network since1902.

Cricket’s 3rd largest stadium in the world is in kolkata.

The oldest Polo club in the world resides here.

The 1st golf club outside UK was established in 1829 at  The royal Calcutta golf club.

Football salt lake stadium is the 2nd largest stadium in the world and it’s here in kolkata and No wonder football is so big!!

The Die hard foodie too,Can relish and satisfy there hunger ego by  tasting delicious food and sweets famous world wide

Indian Chinese cuisine which originated almost 100 years ago  and The only Chinatown in India is in kolkata.

Satyajit Ray-The 1st oscar winner in the country 

The landmark Howrah bridge one of the largest Cantilever bridges in the world.And the largest one in the country.

No wonder,They have the intellectual ego and work on their own pace.

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