Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018 !!

Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018  last night was my 1st ever concert With this big magnitude ever attended in my life. Bryan Adams as a personality had some super energy and a great sense of humour.  The complete production -The synchronisation of the video to his performance was conceptualised interestingly.  The in between act ofContinue reading “Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018 !!”

Public Trans!!

Public Transport How important is the public transport   facilities? Living in metro city and traveling to other Metro cities in india like Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai,Kolkata,Ahmedabad,Pune and to Global metro cities like  London,Paris,New York.I have found that The most important  part of living remains the public transport. Imagine how easy! you find it travelling from one point toContinue reading “Public Trans!!”

Wah Taj!! 

   The beauty of The Taj just doesn’t lie only in its structure , even the shadow of the monument is a perfect beauty Taj Mahal has been on the bucket list since the day I couldn’t go with my School mates almost a decade ago and just when parents gave the options of Celebrating aContinue reading “Wah Taj!! “