Child Abuse is killing our children


Child abuse is a very broad term that is categorized into a few segments with physical, emotional and psychological trauma. It seems to be commonly associated within countries in Asia and even more in India, but why is child abuse like an epidemic in this world. Why are we people muted about abusing children? Will we see emotional abuse only a sign of growing up or are we really ever willing to give some time to the children to really understand them, to help them get out of this pain that can follow them through their entire life. Do we see the act of bulling a way of life in schools? Are we not are of the extent of harm that is caused by children who emotionally and physical abuse their fellowmates. They are doing in under the influence of their environment and the influences of society and media. But why should other children become the victims of their negative influences. As citizens, parents, brothers and sisters, why are we so ignorant about the abuse faced by children while they are growing up? Did we go through it that we also want are children to go through it? Are we taking it for granted that child abuse is way of life? Are we so uneducated or rather uncivilized? Is child abuse somewhere down responsible for a child being differentiated from being an extrovert to an introvert? Can child abuse affect the level of confidence in his or her professional life? Can Child abuse be a reason for broken love affairs or marriages with dysfunctional relationships?

Child abuse can effect a person life so much that it can virtual kill its inner self and overcoming can take a complete lifetime because past isn’t forgotten easily… it leaves its deep imprints! So lets not take our children for granted… lets not take our own selves for granted. What we speak of today will instill confidence in our own selves and in our family and in the society by and large. If you disagree to anything I say then simply go down you memory lane!

To find more insights into the pain and torment that children are going in the heart of our very nation- INDIA… as we read this…Read the novel Tiger Mates by the screenwriter of Don 2 and find out some answers… some jewels of knowledge and purpose that is hidden inside you…

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