So what if am I gay/lesbian I am in love


“Just look there see how they are sitting ,look look see how they getting close to each other ”
This is how the conversation was happenning when a Aunt witnessed seeing a lesbian couple in love .
Yes it can become very uncomfortable if you aren’t used to being around homosexual people but at the same time they did not choose to be like that ,they were not given a choice whether they wanted to be a male or female or rather be both of them at once .
They have the equal rights, all the benefits we get as either a male or female in are lifetime ,the privacy ,the jobs ,and an equal right of belongings to the earth and citizen of the country .They face too much of in -equality ,from a lot of people around them and so instead of making more fun about them we should try not being against them .
Let them be ,let them enjoy their time of being in love when they have found one ,let them be allowed to marry the one they want to live with .
Also why do we forget the designers not all but quite a few of them who’s design we aspire to own are all gays or lesbian ,so all I am saying is give them a chance to live , let them be free and let them  fly to the reach their destiny. If they are given absolute freedom they will enjoy their existence like all of us and find love and purpose in whatever they are doing.

To find your love and purpose check out the novel Tiger Mates written by the screenwriter of DON2.

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