High Mountains of Portugal – A Book Review

  Yann Martel is the author of Life of Pi, the #1 international bestseller and winner of the 2002 Man Booker (among many other prizes) and “High Mountains of Portugal”  Is his most recent work that has been published this year . “High Mountains of Portugal” -Yann Martel  In Lisbon in 1904, a young man namedContinue reading “High Mountains of Portugal – A Book Review”

Wah Taj!! 

   The beauty of The Taj just doesn’t lie only in its structure , even the shadow of the monument is a perfect beauty Taj Mahal has been on the bucket list since the day I couldn’t go with my School mates almost a decade ago and just when parents gave the options of Celebrating aContinue reading “Wah Taj!! “

Yellow !! 

 Yellow is bright,As bright as sunlight Sunlight is as light as mind Yellow is as energetic as life Full of hope and excitement Yellow is Colour of New York As Brights on the streets and in the U.S.A Yellow is the colour of citrus Mild and spicy like mustard Yellow changes our colour Makes somebodyContinue reading “Yellow !! “

Neerja -Movie Review !! 

Neerja The movie based on true events that took place on 5th September 1986 where Pan Am flight 73 flight travelling to U.S.A had a layover at Karachi International Airport and was Hijacked by 4 terrorist,The hijackers demand was to free there nationalist who were Imprisoned in our country(India).Neerja Bhanot the Person in charge ofContinue reading “Neerja -Movie Review !! “

Room -Movie Review 

Room -Can anyone imagine staying in a room without having any access to the outside world or any human contact ,and the only source of entertainment is a television . For 7 long years ? A story of about the lead actress played by briel Larson who has been kidnapped and kept in a singleContinue reading “Room -Movie Review “