Wah Taj!! 

The beauty of The Taj just doesn’t lie only in its structure , even the shadow of the monument is a perfect beauty Taj Mahal has been on the bucket list since the day I couldn’t go with my School mates almost a decade ago and just when parents gave the options of Celebrating a milestone in the city of Agra we jumped,the long wait was coming to an end,we would be finally getting to see one of the wonder of the world “Taj Mahal ,”The drive 3 hour long from the capital was not long for us to view a The wonder of the world,As we passed the streets of the city with stagnant water ,motor bikes and small shops on either sides of the streets made us move slowly to our destination,evening 5:30 pm just before entry for the day would be shut we walked hurried to view the glory of the city,and the glory of India ,The monumental structure which was so huge and spotlessly cleaned,made me rubbish all the Rumours of this turning black and to just digest the fact that This was made in India and has to be the most beautiful wonder of the world I have seen till date and the only wonder of the world who’s reflection is crystal clear .

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