Neerja -Movie Review !! 

Neerja The movie based on true events that took place on 5th September 1986 where Pan Am flight 73 flight travelling to U.S.A had a layover at Karachi International Airport and was Hijacked by 4 terrorist,The hijackers demand was to free there nationalist who were Imprisoned in our country(India).Neerja Bhanot the Person in charge of the flight took the responsibility with her team to secure the safety of the passengers.But in the end after a day long negotiation Neerja Bhanot was brave enough to loose her life for the safety of others .The movie Directed by Ram Madhavi who has Co-Directed Taare Zameen Par. The movie wasn’t gripping enough some loose ends the build up for the tense moments weren’t there .

The actors Shabana Azmi played the role of the mother and Yogendra Tiku played the father of Neerja.

They were well the saving grace of the film .Sonam Kapoor acted well in bits and pieces ,Specially the last 15 minutes .

The movie could have had a few minutes being sliced about 10-15 minutes could easily be edited out.

The 1st film by bling Unplugged was a great story to be captured for the celluloid especially for the millennial to know about Neerja who saved 359 lives by having the presence of mind and being Brave.

My View ,Go for the movie if you don’t know who Neerja Bhanot was ?

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