Room -Movie Review 

Room -Can anyone imagine staying in a room without having any access to the outside world or any human contact ,and the only source of entertainment is a television .

For 7 long years ? A story of about the lead actress played by briel Larson who has been kidnapped and kept in a single room with kitchen appliances,single bed ,pot,bath tub giving you a disgusting feeling of the torturous lifestyle she had to go through and how her son jack ,who is oblivious to the outside world and always question whether the people on television are real ?

On his 5th birthday,the lead actress believes jack has grown up and so starts planning to escape so first she tries telling the kidnapper he is sick ,but since he isn’t bothered and ignores her by saying he will try doing something tomorrow ,next day she plans to escape by convincing the kidnapper he is dead ,but he alone takes him away and the movie is all about how the kid manages to escape and tells the police what happens ,they manage to escape and the kid finds it hard to manage in the real world .

A very intense ,movie wrapped in less than 2hours with the lead doing an excellent job acting a role which was challenging and the kid too played the supporting very well .

A serious contender for the best academy film .

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