US visa !!!

The past 10 days were really stressful ,since we were applying for the US Visa finally after nearly three years of contemplation and so we were going through it if the in ,were all correct and more importantly if we had got the appointment for the 13th&14th we were getting excited as well as nervous ,what will they ask us ,will they be moody to reject ,how long will we have to wait to know ,it seemed like one of the toughest exams ,so after going through FAQs ,we were now even more worried who will have to answer the question ,what if we fumble ,pause for a while .
So the day finally came where we had to go through our biometric test and we were going in for the final interview to really know whether or not we were going to get a visa
So we joint a long queue ,with all professionals ,students ,senior citizen ,families in the queue and some seemed so ordinary too .
So we have now entered the premises ,like a high security cell with a garden and a few seating space after a security check .
Now here we see people phone getting confiscated since they were strictly prohibited ,charges being thrown away since again no electronic allowed and then we are finally going to a AC room where we have about 40 counters and 100s in the queue .while we again had to do the biometric test to cross check our identity .also that moment when I was handed my passport before the test was a moment of shock and a little worry but was taken before the interview .😊
And now the last five minutes of actually knowing whether have we or haven’t we .
So while our turn had just come ,we just saw a few visas being rejected and were a little worried again .
Then came our turn and the question were answered with ease and then a few minutes later got the visa approved .A sigh of relief
It’s USA this year ..

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