Revisiting The Japanese Break!

Japan is not just a country but a culture!

The moment had arrived when we were not just thinking about Japan! 

But, had actioned our vacation in 2018! 

The flights were getting booked! The hotel, Train Tickets and Visa process had begun. 

The countdown was inching closer! 

Japan was happening! 

The first stop of our Journey was Singapore! We travelled by Singapore Airlines which gave us the option of exploring Singapore City while we had a layover at Changi Airport. 

The flight landed at Haneda Airport. We Did not choose Narita. As Haneda was closer to the city! 

Tokyo! Huge! One of the largest cities in the world! With millions of people staying in MatchBox homes. 

We passed by the Tokyo Tower! And soon reached our hotel! The Prince Tower Hotel Tokyo! A centrally located hotel for major tourist attractions and landmarks neighbourhood. 

The first night we explored our surroundings the Roppongi a buzzing neighbourhood with nightlife and walked through the Meguro River a prominent river of Tokyo! 

Oh! We witnessed the city landscape from the rooftop bar at the hotel before we called it a night. 

Next, we explored the city’s sightseeing landmarks Meiji Jingu, Imperial Palace and Senso Ji temples and the Tsukiji market the largest fish market in the world.

They also have a tuna auction daily at 5:30 am. Since it’s limited seating you need to be there as early as 3 am to get in.

We explored the Akasaku neighbourhood which is traditional cultural side of Tokyo.

The neighbourhood had a very interesting hostel Bed & Books Tokyo! That was a cute little place filled with books and bunk beds! 

On another day we visited Harjaku & Shinjuku which was filled with restaurants and shopping stores! While going  Banana in Tokyo! I visited a Pokemon Store! Had relived those childhood moments. And little did I know I had entered the Animated  neighbourhood of Tokyo Akihabara

While exploring ourselves and the city we were sometimes naturally lost! When the locals not just helped us but held us through to our final destination. Ginza! Felt like the futuristic side of Japan with Nissan cars armed with robotic gizmos and Ginza is also known as the Haute couture neighbourhood of Tokyo.

Omestando another neighbourhood about the luxuries of Japan with Architectural buildings and interiors you wouldn’t get enough of. 

One of the stores worth visiting is Nicole Bergman’s Floral store in the neighbourhood. 

The other side of Tokyo that we witnessed was the industrial side where all hospitality-related goods were available and to spot that there is a life-size chef Cap that you need to watch out for. And so we crossed over to Shibuya the busiest crossing neighbourhood in Tokyo whose sight can be enjoyed from a Starbucks across from the crossing and Hachi statue a dog that waited for his owner to return at the same spot over the years until the Hachi had passed away. 

Before we left Tokyo we enjoyed the glimpses of Central Tokyo Station while it started to pour and we got ready for the next few journeys across the country. 

The long-awaited Bullet Train shin-shaken to Kyoto had sped away. 

Kyoto felt like a mystical small town in Japan that  preserved the Japan of the past with temples like the Golden Temple that was surrounded by trees. The day trip to Nara Deer Park was unbelievable getting clicked and witnessing so many Deers under one roof.

The evening we enjoyed at another temple that was surrounded by trees. 

Kobe! A destination that’s not on tourist Radar while visiting Japan! 

But, the city had one of the oldest traditional cafe Nishimura that’s popular for its setting and Coffee Jelly a dessert that’s made of coffee and is also known for Wayu Steak! A popular beef-style steak from Japan. 

Osaka! AKA The Food Capital of Japan!!

We got a taste of the Okonomiyaki traditional Japanese pancakes that are cooked live on your tables. 

Amerika- Mura a  neighbourhood in Japan that’s very youthful and inspired by American

Dotobori is the Shinjuku neighbourhood of Osaka that has a landmark icon of a runner. 

Shinabasi an entertainment hub of Osaka that that would remind you of Times Square. 

Tseutanku Tower which is sponsored by Hitachi is a sight that can be enjoyed from a rooftop space & Osaka Castle is the sightseeing to go for. 

Also, Osaka the city that has a Japanese Liquor store based allow only one miniature of Yamazaki to be bought and carried by a tourist. 

Important things:

  • Book your JR Pass at least two weeks before you travel. 
  • To travel within Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka buy metro/Subway tickets from the station or airport.
  • Download the Google Translate app. 

Eat in Japan: 

  • Tokyo Banana 
  • Ramen from Ippudo 
  • Coffee Jelly Nishimura Kobe 
  • Tiger Gyoza in Tokyo for Japanese Raw Food 
  • Okonomiyaki in Osaka 
  • Wagyu Beef in Kobe 
  • Senbei Rice Crackers 
  • Seaweed Potato Chips 
  • Mochi 
  • Matcha Tea 
  • Cheese Tart from Secret Tokyo 
  • Japanese Cheesecake.
  • Shashimi 

Experience : 

  • Tokyo Hands departmental store 
  • Conveyor Belt Sushi 
  • Nerman Bergman Store 
  • Shibuya Crossing from Starbucks 
  • Cheese Garden Store 


  • Prince Tower Hotel Tokyo
  • Westin Osaka. 


  • Tokyo Tower & SkyTree 
  • Imperial Palace, Tokyo 
  • Osaka Castle 
  • Arashiyama bamboo grove, Kyoto 
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto 
  • Kobe Port Tower
  • Deer Park, Nara 
  • Hachi Statue 


  • Starbucks Reserve Tokyo 
  • Here cafe in Kyoto 
  • %Arabica Kyoto 
  • Nishimura Kobe.
  • Hoshino Cafe Tokyo 


  • Haruki Murakami -Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki
  • Sayaka Murata – The Convenience Store 
  • Meiko Kawakami – All the lovers in the night 
  • Hiro Kawakami – Strange Weather in Tokyo 
  • Toshikazu Kawaguchi – Before the Coffee Gets Cold series. 
  • Banana Yoshimoto – Kitchen 
  • Natsuo Kirino – Out 
  • Ryu Murakami – In the Miso Soup 
  • Keigo Higashino – Malice, Salivation Saints
  • Yoko Ogawa – The Housekeeper and the Professor


  • Hachiko 
  • Drive My Car 
  • The Tokyo Project 
  • Seven Samurai 
  • Spirited Away 

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