brief history of Travel guides !!

the world has changed .

*The first travel guide was the form of a periplus (a latin word for a “sailing around”) a manuscript that charted portsand landmarks (and the distant between them)that a sailing vessel  would expect to find along a shore .later ,pilgrims tales of their religious travel around europe became popular guides .

  • Between 15th & 17th centuries ,published accounts of aristocrats grand tours around Europe  became the standard for many travellers Richard lassels ,priest and travel writer ,published the voyage of Italy in 1670 .
  • The early 19th century ,marina starks’s guide to travelling in France & Italy recognised the of the budget traveller in UK .The first travel guide to be published in the US was gideon Minor Davison The fashionable Tour (1822)
  • The modern guidebook came into being in 1830s when long -distance travel became a trend .Murray’s handbook for traveller covered destination in Europe,Asia and Africa.
  • The 21st century the iPad and smartphones have induced publisher to look into e-book and apps .world is  just  a touch away .

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