The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger!

The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger. This was a book that I read totally by accident- I have been borrowing books during this lockdown from a friend and thank god for the recommendation. This Book was a beautiful ride into a journey of how much ones goes through to reach the top. But,Continue reading “The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger!”

The iPhone magic !! 

  iPhone has really changed the way ,we work with cameras .iPhone has helped us understand what is exactly a pan shot is ,specially for the laymen to understand who has recently invested in a camera . iPhone has also taught people the rule of 3rd in photography by letting us question why are theContinue reading “The iPhone magic !! “

the day @ apple service centre

the frequent visit to apple service centre ,would really make me think oh god ,these days apple has really lost its appeal.All devices whether the iMac,iPad,iPod,MacBook Pro ,or  the iPhones all are coming for check ups  and daily(the two visit) i see more than 20 people in the waiting for there turn in the hourContinue reading “the day @ apple service centre”