Its official , after all those rumours going on for the past few months the iPhone has introduced Colourful iPhone under the 5C.Is it a good decision to introduce iPhone with Colours?

Personally speaking , its a smart decision , seeing it as a business because in the end you want sales, profit and that is what apple is loosing with competition from brands like Samsung and HTC which have been giving  tough competition to the brand . 

Now that iPhone has been  introduced  do we see the brand that revolutionised the way a phone should be . Taking inspiration from other  brands  for surviving in the market .
The brand apple too has the 5S a standard version of the phone thats look so classic ,with the colours white,grey and gold that has a rich feel to it ,that would like to be owned by people and this might be a good strategy to having a phone for a particular segment and the same phone with a few differences for another segment the 5C & 5S. 

And also iPhone has become a phone that is owned by every 2nd/3rd person with easy offers on EMI scheme ,it surely has lost its appeal from niche product to a mass product , the phone too must have just lost the WOW! you have an iPhone , to oh ! even  you  have an iPhone .

If apple’s idea is  to rule the phone market ,then its a nice attempt again now they have introduced a phone to cost $99 in the U.S and in India not less than 20,000 so  are we also seeing iPhone being unsure of its brand image or is it looking  to change its image totally .




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