The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger!

The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger. This was a book that I read totally by accident- I have been borrowing books during this lockdown from a friend and thank god for the recommendation.

This Book was a beautiful ride into a journey of how much ones goes through to reach the top. But, In an entertainment business & media business, it’s very competitive. During Robert’s tenure, there were so many important acquisitions he acquired and managed to keep re-innovating and to keep Disney relevant as an organisation to an extent that he acquired Rupert Murdoch organisation for Disney and got access to a bunch of media channels including a popular streaming platform of theirs in India the Hotstar app and rebranded Disney+. There are so many insights to share, The relationship with Steve Jobs and how he convinced him and manages to acquire Pixar.


  • Wide World of Sports an ABC Broadcasting channel became the 1st U.S Media house to enter North Korea in the late 70s.
  • Apple & Disney collaborate for Television Shows on iPod Touch.
  • Marvel, 21st century Fox Studio, Star Wars acquisitions by Disney.


Robert Iger shares some of his lessons.

  • Tell Great Stories
  • Innovate or Die
  • Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection
  • Take Responsibility, When you screw up
  • Be Decent To People
  • Excellence & Fairness
  • True Integrity
  • Value Ability
  • Ask Question You Need to Ask.
  • Managing Creativity is Art.
  • Don’t Start Negatively
  • Don’t be in the business of playing it safe.
  • Don’t let ambition get ahead of the opportunity
  • We all want to believe we are indispensable
  • A company’s reputation is the sum total of the actions of Its people and the quality of its products
  • Optimism emerges from faith in yourself and in the people who work for you
  • You need to convey your priorities clearly and repeatedly
  • It should be about the future
  • Treating others with respect is an undervalued currency when it to negotiating
  • You have to do the homework
  • If something doesn’t feel right to you, it won’t be right for you.

This is one of the best books, I have read this year! And another interesting bit of news is recently Robert Iger announced he would be taking the role as the CEO For the popular video app Tik Tok an App that is currently banned in India As there have been ongoing conflicts with China.

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