the day @ apple service centre

the frequent visit to apple service centre ,would really make me think oh god ,these days apple has really lost its appeal.All devices whether the iMac,iPad,iPod,MacBook Pro ,or  the iPhones all are coming for check ups  and daily(the two visit) i see more than 20 people in the waiting for there turn in the hour been there .but well when there are more then million user you expect a few problem and once again its only one brand service centre ,so i really wonder with brands like samsung & blackberry the two most popular and widely used smartphones . And where again i meet people and they say oh god there are so many  problem with this blackberry its gets hung so many times and the main question how many problem & customer with complaints come a day ,and how many phones or devices get replaced . its really  make me wonder how these organisation gives away so many replacements.And while i agree there would be a few genuine problems there are other who are trying there luck to get a new device just because there device has become slightly old .so is this how service centre work?

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