Shoe Dog-Nike 

PHIL KNIGHT- SHOE DOG, A Book that was on my reading list, ever since I viewed the Interview of phil Knight on the charlie Rose show and immediately,Wanted to read it.But, Till the time I actually bought the book, I read the repeated article appearing in leading newspapers.

Here in India with Bill Gates Stating “it a refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like… it’s an amazing Tale”. A book recommended To Read …

“The Best Book I read last Year.Phil is…A gifted storyteller”- Warren Buffet .

“Candid,Funny,Suspenful,liteary-This is a memoir for people who love sport,But above all it’s a memoir for people who love memoirs”-Andre Agassi

I was sure,This Book would really be the most enjoyable read for me

There is so, little we all know about Nike ,And are totally oblivious who is Phil Knight ?     months later.I Read the book,And The way the book was structured,Like a suspenseful novel.

From Phil knight journey- To discover himself to joining the dots years later when Nike became synonymous with the Best Sport shoe one can own .  To parting the wisdom, of myths of shoe/footwear around the globe like

Putting on the right shoe before the left will bring prosperity -Romans believed before caesar period.

China: did you know that when man marries woman,They throw red shoes on the roof to make sure all goes well on wedding night!

And Did you know when someone starts a journey,It’s actually good luck to throw shoe at them in China To Bowerman one of the most important men in the nike journey.
Trivia’s -Did You know 

Blue Ribbion the brand and company founded by Phil knight,Before Nike was born,Actually distributed Onituska Tiger shoe.

The term ‘Shoedog’ is an Slang name given to a veteran of the footwear industry. Someone who has dedicated their life to selling Shoes.

6453 –the phone number ending of all Nike stores worldwide as it spells Nike

1966 Blue ribbon,The company before Nike was born opened the first ever retail store Santa Monica .

1972-Nike was born

1977-Air shoes were coming up.

1980-2nd December going Public

Carolyn Davidson– Designed the Nike Logo

Denny Strickland creative director designed NIKE Font.

Sandals discovered in 1938 the year Phil knight was born .

Oldest shoe ever discovered are from Oregon 9000 years ago.

Apple Inc.Million$ Company.


Apple Inc. The Multi-Billion$ Company has given business opportunities to so many business categories. 

The competitors immediately sense this is the next Big Thing to diverse business into. 

Right  from the Laptops to mobile phones and home entertainment devices,They have inspired not just the existing business,But have also inspired a generation to start up new businesses .That make you wonder what was the initial drive and success of the brand? Was it the foundation ? Or The founder Steve Jobs? 

Was it the innovation? The IPod or Was it simply connecting the two dots perfectly and reviving a product on the concepts like “Walkman” by thinking Differently and giving a new category of businesses to the brand 

But with so many new products and services from One single brand over the years iPad,Apple Pay,Siri and many more.The question that still remains on my mind is …

What is it that is making them fail to innovate and come up with another segment for business growth ? 

Is it the Profit Numbers? Recognition of the brand that is making them

Believe anyone and everyone would buy a apple .Even if we don’t innovate   Any more or for that matter  to maintain the quality. Since its apple.

The iPhone magic !! 

iPhone has really changed the way ,we work with cameras .iPhone has helped us understand what is exactly a pan shot is ,specially for the laymen to understand who has recently invested in a camera .

iPhone has also taught people the rule of 3rd in photography by letting us question why are the grid line visible while clicking photographs .

The term time lapse In photography is also easily understood to an iPhone users ,since he knows how it will turn out .

Last but not the least the term filters and how a photograph will appear ,the areas of brightness and how lighting can change the way photo appears can also be easily understood for an iPhone user .

And if you thought that was it .Wait a minutes how many frames per second is your recording done can also be learnt .So yes it’s not just a phone ,it’s more than a phone .Its an iPhone And not just for selfies and apps .

If you don’t have an iPhone ,well you don’t have an iPhone .

Future tech ?

It’s been nearly a month since I have posted anything on the blog ,let me first begin with wishing you a happy Diwali .This post is about the wearable technology the future of tech .now with mobile phones done and dusted and with the announcement of apple watch a month ago ,are we now looking at watches as our new phones ,the next craze for the geeks And the next aspirations for all ,and after watches what are we really going to look at clothes ? Or glasses like Google glasses which will become more popular when apple ,Samsung or other brands plan to launch their glasses ?

Has apple lost the creativity of thinking different ?

The iPhone 6 was launched last night ,and this was the 1st time all rumours about the phone were true ,the phablet size,two phones from the launch ,the features were all true and the “surprise ” element which they were known for was missing .
That was not all ,the phone is more inspired from other mobile companies like HTC,Samsung and Google making me think are all the phones being manufactured by the same manufacturer and just the brand names are changing ?
Also the OS iOS 8 ,I had the opportunity to experience the beta version and same striking similarities with other OS .
What is making apple following other brands ,when they were known to be followed by brands .
The other launch of apple watch $345 price and stylish looking would surely make people aspire to get that on their wrist ,but the other question that was on my mind ,was our we looking at smart watch phones ,in the future ,with everything on are wrist?
The watch was the only surprising launch ,but will it sell because it’s apple or will it sell as a smart watch ,
The launch will be early 2015 ,let’s wait and watch .