The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger!

The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger. This was a book that I read totally by accident- I have been borrowing books during this lockdown from a friend and thank god for the recommendation. This Book was a beautiful ride into a journey of how much ones goes through to reach the top. But,Continue reading “The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger!”

Shoe Dog-Nike 

PHIL KNIGHT- SHOE DOG, A Book that was on my reading list, ever since I viewed the Interview of phil Knight on the charlie Rose show and immediately,Wanted to read it.But, Till the time I actually bought the book, I read the repeated article appearing in leading newspapers. Here in India with Bill Gates StatingContinue reading “Shoe Dog-Nike “

Apple Inc.Million$ Company.

Apple Inc. The Multi-Billion$ Company has given business opportunities to so many business categories.  The competitors immediately sense this is the next Big Thing to diverse business into.  Right  from the Laptops to mobile phones and home entertainment devices,They have inspired not just the existing business,But have also inspired a generation to start up newContinue reading “Apple Inc.Million$ Company.”

The iPhone magic !! 

  iPhone has really changed the way ,we work with cameras .iPhone has helped us understand what is exactly a pan shot is ,specially for the laymen to understand who has recently invested in a camera . iPhone has also taught people the rule of 3rd in photography by letting us question why are theContinue reading “The iPhone magic !! “