An Experience!!!

The Mahindra AQ

The day had finally arrived of the AQ(AutoQuoitient) ,and we were wondering what the format would be like ,what the question would be like,who might the participants be ? and so the two of us , one a crazy auto lover , who has dedicated a blog and has a page too on social networking sites and the other who was interested in the event but was a little skeptical . so it was 15:45 when I just couldn’t wait to leave home ,yes I was a little excited & nervous since for the first time ever I was participating on such a platform .So I was at the andheri station ,and roaming around the the shops near the station and was surprised to see two shops by the same owner in the premises ,also was totally shocked to see two McDonalds right opposite each other ,when my team member called to ask are you on the right McDonalds or the left .(Mind you they were right opposite each other)….it was funny trying to explain to him where , so i stood between them . And then at 16:40 we left the station ,tried to get a auto rickshaw ,but just when we could not handle the rejection by the auto driver we realised to walk it ,and just when we reached the lane ,we saw a rickshaw willing to take us ,but on per seat bases ,so this time we rejected him when we were just 10minutes away ,but since it was already 17:00 and we really dint know where we have to go and we took the rickshaw finally to bhavan’s college ,and there we were ,the participants were all working people,engineers and passionate auto lovers ,and we were looking like the youngest ,we were the youngest and so the written round started and we were clueless ,such technical questions and we could just answer about 4-5 correct question out of 20 question . Yes we were disqualified ,and sat in the auditorium to understand what sort of questions are asked ,and the Q&A started the question made us think again are we really auto fans ?but,I was like ,we should at least try and take a goodie bag ,But couldn’t get close to it . This was an annual car quiz sort of an event ,which has been held for the past five year ,but for the past four year they were for the employee of the organiser ,its a popular Indian car brand and this year it was open to public ,so we had gone for the event.


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