Reading- Reader!

  Reading :  There is so much that goes into breaking down the story, The thought, the idea – Where you can look at a simple story from your point of view and your personal experience, the difference & Similarities you felt before you read the book and travelled to the authors country to readingContinue reading “Reading- Reader!”

In the miso soup !

The author Ryu Murakami is another author from Japan and is no way related to Haruki Murakami who has had many well known books written to his name, and have also been adapted to movies. Ryu Murakami has written quite a few books “Audition” and “Piercing” are two of his other popular books apart fromContinue reading “In the miso soup !”

Elon musk -Book review !!

Elon musk -The billionaire CEO of Space X & Tesla by Ashlee Vance gives you a insight of the man who dreamt about a future ,which many believed to be only a dream .He Succeeded on his terms and has given an aspiration to many out there ,who couldn’t have thought that the future wouldContinue reading “Elon musk -Book review !!”

Did you Know?

while I was going through  a book,I came across an interesting piece of information about  snakes & ladders . “Moksha Patam “was earlier known as snakes and ladders and just realised ,that the game snake and ladder originated from India .And  then I was so eager to know about the game that i decided toContinue reading “Did you Know?”