Time Please !!

Time-Why should one use it effectively? And why should we keep a watch on the time?

And what is time exactly?

Time is just a way of keeping a tab! On how long you should take to complete the task! And how long you took to finally complete it

Time let’s you realise what’s your priority and how you must start your day .

If,Time isnt there.We wouldn’t be able to do one thing right and won’t be interested in giving  100 % to do things.

Time is the only non-renewal source.It doesn’t come back!

The same time can appear twice in a day! But,The time wouldn’t still remain the same.

We all are passing our time and believe,We are being productive,Using our  time well and making a difference in our life as well as others.

But,Isn’t time only part of the “Time Pass Theory”? 

Think about it ?

Why do we do anything at all and not do nothing at all ?

We are all tied down to the “ life cycle

We are given Birth – to be part of the world.

We then go to school- study what we like our to study something’s that we are forced to like.

We go to college –Here 75% study the opposite of what they want to study.

Life begins- And sometimes we aren’t all that good to handle it.The other interest,That keeps us going with our life is questioned about ever now & then.

And then we are only living a life to pass our time.Until we realise we could thos time too.

But,The question remains- why is it important to do anything  all ? To keep our self busy? To be occupied? To be satisfied.

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