Uncommon Types-Some stories by Tom Hanks!

#UncommonTypes- Some Stories by Tom Hanks.   How fascinating and curious one behaves,  When one Reads the title of  the book.  Oh! This sounds interesting,The cover is creative and then the last thing you notice is the writer/Author. Unless You already know which book you are looking for . Uncommon Types-Some stories, Inspected the book  carefully,Going throughContinue reading “Uncommon Types-Some stories by Tom Hanks!”

Typewriter-TypeWriting experience!!

Ever wondered How challenging is it to write on a typewriter? Not really Right? About a fortnight ago.I had the privilege of experiencing to write on a typewriter. Since,I have being longing to Own one for a while,I thought this is the only moment I could come close to experiencing writing on the mechanical device.Continue reading “Typewriter-TypeWriting experience!!”