Reading Books From India

Tamil in Tamil Nadu.Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. Kannada in Karnataka.Malayalam in Kerala. There are so many languages within a region in India. So you can imagine how many different stories and experiences one can read and learn about or learn from. In the last six months and over the years since I started enjoying readingContinue reading “Reading Books From India”

Keigo Higashino’s Thrillers Books!!

Journey Under The Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino It’s very difficult to find thriller books, that keep you engrossed till the last page. And if you have  found it by the same author twice, it couldn’t be better.  Keigo Higashino a Japanese Author! Ah! Yes another Japanese author.  Journey under the midnight sun is aboutContinue reading “Keigo Higashino’s Thrillers Books!!”

Have you found your soul mate ?

The term "soulmate" first appeared in the English language in a letter by Samuel taylor coleridge in 1822 and it is a term where you identity a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, a sense of deja vu, a sense of ownership, a deep understanding each others state ofContinue reading “Have you found your soul mate ?”