Exit West -Book Review !!

“When we migrate,We murder from our lives those we leave behind” “Exit West” -The Story got me interested,While going through a magazine article and immediately noted the book in my Reading list,For the next Year 2018. Last week of December,I ordered it online and it was waiting on my Desk to be read soon!! No,IContinue reading “Exit West -Book Review !!”

“Queen of Katwe”-Personal Movie Review 

“Queen of Katwe” A film by Mira Nair.Is a film Based On a true story,That Sends out a very strong message to the audiences,That no matter what background you belong to,No matter where you come from.You must be given the opportunity to prove yourself.The film revolves around the central character Phiona (Played by Madina Nalwanga)Continue reading ““Queen of Katwe”-Personal Movie Review “