The Modern Jaipur!

Rajasthan! A side of India! That makes you feel Royal and Rich! A state that has the best Indian food and every hotel is a palace in its on way having an Modern or an old-world charm. This was a trip to Jaipur after a decade. And while the city did not seem to haveContinue reading “The Modern Jaipur!”


I often go to coffee shops and sit by myself on a table. But,Whenever I have visited and just sat at a coffee shop,the waiters and service people keep asking me if anyone is coming or for that matter the other people out there wondering if anyone would be coming before they could grab theContinue reading “Lonesome!”

Taftoon- Bar &Kitchen review

Tatftoon Derived from the Persian word meaning “burning” is a catchy name and foodies delights it’s non-Vegetarian offering are very delicious and it doesn’t disappoint you at all The New restaurant in town was a mighty surprise from the Restauraner of Haqq Se and Oye Kake.A complete makeover in terms of the interiors. Very modernContinue reading “Taftoon- Bar &Kitchen review”