Foodism !!


Food as a meditation and a therapeutic healing. Food for thought 

We have heard this over and over again

The inner source of satisfaction and peace one gets after a good meal.Or for that matter A favourite food can just change our mood all together within no time.

But,Then again why do we always ignore or skip meals regularly giving excuses of No-Time .What are you seriously busy doing?If you aren’t able to enjoy food that you work for , through weeks,Hours and months endlessly towards goals that would professionally help you,But are personally killing yourself within since you don’t have the energy to enjoy the success of your hard work. 

The food should be right always and psychologist have recently studied that “Pizza ” is one of the biggest motivator for employees to complete their work.

Now I am sure,That would sum up the argument of how food is a therapeutic healer.Well that’s not all most of the people going through depression feel better after they have chocolates and icecream.

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