Apple Inc.Million$ Company.


Apple Inc. The Multi-Billion$ Company has given business opportunities to so many business categories. 

The competitors immediately sense this is the next Big Thing to diverse business into. 

Right  from the Laptops to mobile phones and home entertainment devices,They have inspired not just the existing business,But have also inspired a generation to start up new businesses .That make you wonder what was the initial drive and success of the brand? Was it the foundation ? Or The founder Steve Jobs? 

Was it the innovation? The IPod or Was it simply connecting the two dots perfectly and reviving a product on the concepts like “Walkman” by thinking Differently and giving a new category of businesses to the brand 

But with so many new products and services from One single brand over the years iPad,Apple Pay,Siri and many more.The question that still remains on my mind is …

What is it that is making them fail to innovate and come up with another segment for business growth ? 

Is it the Profit Numbers? Recognition of the brand that is making them

Believe anyone and everyone would buy a apple .Even if we don’t innovate   Any more or for that matter  to maintain the quality. Since its apple.

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