War Machine Premier with Brad Pitt & Team !! 

War Machine a Netflix Original is about a successful general Glenn McMahon played by Brad Pitt commanding the NATO forces (North Atlantic treaty organisation ) in Afghanistan.A hilarious movie, and brad Pitt seen as never before.

The way the movie is directed by David Michod introducing the characters the general’s team and the role they play in his life was a great way of seeing how often we forget the men,The team and only Remember the boss,All directed on an entertaining way.

The movie also showed you the human side of an army being at war protecting it’s people.

The highlight of the screening was the Q&A with the team Producers,Director David Michod and Actor and producer Brad Pitt being part of it post the screening of the film.

The movie premiere on Netflix on 26th May across the globe.

Before &After!! 

A story being told over a period of 18 years which is spaced 9 years apart ,about a couple who meet in a train journey to Vienna and it’s an evening they have spent together and have being enjoying each other’s company until Sunrise,when it’s time for Jesse the protagonist played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy playing the character of Celina.To leave back home after wandering over Europe over the weeks. As the time inches closer for him to depart they vow to meet each other again in 6 months at the same station where they first met.

9 years later 2004 before sunset Jesse is in Paris promoting his book inspired by his night in Vienna and Celine walks into the bookstore/Cafe waiting for him.And just a few hours before it’s time for him to fly back,They tour around Paris like tourist and catch up with what all  has happened in these years.

Another 9 years later 2013 before midnight and now they have been married together and have twins.Jesse had  got divorced from his 1st wife and in a way they are retrospecting their lives the 18 years since they have known each other.

A story by Richard linklater starring the same star cast.

A nice concept and idea for storytelling by the director who followed the concept for his next venture Boyhood,Where he filmed the complete star cast over a period of 12 years.

Dark Places- Movie Review!!


A crime thriller based on the novel by the same   Title( dark places) that was written by Gillan Flynn,Who’s bestseller ‘Gone Girl, too was adapted by the same title and became a Box Office  success directed by David Fincher.A director who has had popular successful hits like The Social Network and is known for fight club starring Brad Pitt.

Back to the Dark places,A story about a family being killed,But we don’t know who did it.? Being the youngest sibling Libby Day manages to escape and tell us the tale.

But,All these years she believes it was her brother Ben was the murderer.

The story plays out in a way where characters are introduced Making it difficult to guess who might be behind it. 

And if there was seriously somebody else behind the Murder? 

Why was Ben still in Prison for 28 years ? 

Like a true thriller,Gripping and full of suspense.

A Dog’s Purpose!! 

Every Dog lover and Dog owner would relate to this movie.
A story about different dogs and how dogs have similar human qualities narrated by a dog who is the protagonist “Bailey” a golden retriever.Right from being the family Dog,squad Dog to being a small Dog and last but not the least,How dogs who are disowned have to live until they escape and find another home.

A very emotional,engaging movie and a movie that would make you want to own a Dog and enjoy with somebody all the time from playing with himTo training him, To connecting with people and not having a single moment of regret or boredom,

Once you bring a dog into your life.

Mind Games!!!



Mind Game,The mind is so divided between the sub-conscious and conscious that even the sub-conscious thoughts in our mind play on our    Psychic and  we  hardly realise the damage it does to us It’s only when we  pay close attention to our sub-conscious mind that we realise how much our thoughts in our sub-consciousness over take our conscious mind.Yet we still do so little in the way we translate or can change the way we can process our energy and thoughts.

But,How many of us really understand Psychology?

Why are we so bad in understanding why people do something ? The way they do it ? 

Or we clearly understand,But are scared  of  being vocal and verbal in expressing.

Do we understand ourself ? Or we are just pleased to opinionated how the other is the way they are ? 

Sometimes psychologically we have made strong representative characteristics of people around us that we ourself find it hard to believe when they change as people ,that we find it difficult to accept that yes people change,You change,We change. Because it’s only the change that is constant among us.