The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa 

The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa 
A book that I first wanted to read, When I had visited a bookstore and found the copy on New arrival and since I had a couple of books that I was reading or wanted to read. I hadn’t picked it up and after a month when I was looking to read something new. I thought about reading The Memory Police. Originally written in 1994, but has been adapted to suit 2019-2020. This book is a science dystopian novel like the ones of 1984 George Orwell, But has more similarities with Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand as who is the Memory Police?  can easily be compared to Who is John Galt?  
The book was also nominated for shortlisting Booker Prize 2020. And relates to issues like loneliness and being expressive the issues like the lives been controlled by a particular organisation. 
This is the first book, I have read of Yoko Ogawa and it is a book, no matter how many years later you read it. You could relate to quite a few of the issues.
This Book written by yet another Japanese writer that I have read this year Should be on your reading list.

Keigo Higashino’s Thrillers Books!!

Journey Under The Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino

It’s very difficult to find thriller books, that keep you engrossed till the last page. And if you have  found it by the same author twice, it couldn’t be better. 

Keigo Higashino a Japanese Author! Ah! Yes another Japanese author. 

Journey under the midnight sun is about A group of children playing inside the building have found the body of a pawnshop owner, 

Detective Sasagaki’s investigation unearths more questions, but never reaches any conclusions. One of his chief suspects, the partner of a woman who the pawnshop owner visited on the day of his death, dies in a car crash soon afterwards. 

Though Sasagaki’s suspects there is more to the deaths, the case is abandoned.But, Twenty years later there are some leads that hints sasagaski that he could finally solve the mystery. 

This is one Book, I came across after enjoying reading “Midsummer Equation by Keigo Higanshino” 

  and what surprises me most about the author and his books is that when you are searching for “Best Thriller Books” You only come across American authors & British Authors, but none of  the  Japanese authors, in the first few links and in the first few reviews. And I wonder why ? “Japanese authors” are really underrated. This whole curiosity for “Japan” For me grew after I visited the country, it was a place I wanted to know more about? 

Keigo Higanshio is best known for his book “The Devotion of Suspect X” 

Yasuko Hanaoka accidentally kills her ex-husband, when circumstances rose to an unendurable level of ghastly behaviour from him. What follows is an elongated and witty brain-game between the investigator and her accomplice, Ishigami, who aided Yasuko in covering up the murder. The Devotion Of Suspect X is the story about an ingenious plotter, and clever Dr Manabu Yukawa, who helps in solving the case.

Incase you are looking to read a nice page turner and are finding it difficult which one to start with you could surely start with “Journey Under The Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino” 

Salivation Of A Saint By Keigo Higanshino. 

My 3rd Book from Keigo Higanshino, 2nd one of the year and two and half days of another page tuner from Keigo Higanshino.The Writing is so engrossing. Murder has already being committed in the first thirty pages and You might have the hint of who the murderer might me. But How it actually happens remains a mystery…Until Detective Galileo works around the theory with the Police officers and comes to the conclusion. A Book & author you wouldn’t want to miss reading, Who surprises you with a perfect Murder Crime that you wouldn’t in your wildest thought, imagined to take place like the one mentioned in the books and with logical backstory and supporting evidence, This book is all  the more enjoyable where you just want to read  more stories like these from Keigo Higanshino one of  my new favourite Crime/Thriller who doesn’t disappoint. Now the next one I want to read is his bestseller “The Devotion of Suspect X”

Newcomer by Keigo Keigo Higashino. 

Yes! I am enjoying reading thriller. Yes! Haven’t be able to stop reading Keigo Higanshino at all. Newcomer is the 3rd one I have read this year so far from the same author . And If you have even read a single Keigo Higanshino You will know why his books are so good. First of all they involve – Murder,Mystery and crime which would interest anyone who is looking and enjoy’s a thriller.written in such a way that you can not stop reading them… The conclusion, the way an investigator looks Into the crime and the probably reasons and how they come into conclusion are so logically and something so surprising. You wonder how!!!! Newcomer is about a murder that’s happened in Tokyo and this time unlike the other two books salivation of Saint & Journey under the midnight sun where Detective Sasagaki’s & Detective Galileo have solved the cases here we have Detective Kaga who is pretty new to handling a region of Nihonbashi in Tokyo and how he uses his past experience in handling a case that’s pretty clearly an murder.. But the motive behind isn’t unusual yet an interesting read from the one of the best thriller writers today. 
Detective Kyochiro Kaga of the Tokyo Police Department has just been transferred to a new precinct in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo. Newly arrived, but with a great deal of experience, Kaga is promptly assigned to the team investigating the murder of a woman. But the more he investigates, the greater number of potential suspects emerges. It isn’t long before it seems nearly all the people living and working in the business district of Nihonbashi have a motive for murder. To prevent the murderer from eluding justice, Kaga must unravel all the secrets surrounding a complicated life. Buried somewhere in the woman’s past, in her family history, and the last few days of her life is the clue that will lead to the murderer

Malice By Keigo Higashino 
Ok! This has been my 4th Consecutive read from Keigo Higanshino this year. And though I knew Malice & Devotion of suspect X were his bestsellers and best works, I intentionally decided to keep them last rather than reading them first. Malice! Yes has all the elements of a Keigo Higashino story. Right from The murder taking place in the first in the first chapter and then revealing the murderer and his motive behind the activity. 
This book had clear chapters – Murder,Suspicion, Resolution ,Pursuit Confession, Past and Truth behind all the stories doing the round. Which you realise are the truest elements when solving or planning to do a Murder. 
And Malice was first book, Where Keigo Higashino introduces Detective Kyochiro Kaga in his thriller. 
If You are looking to read thrillers with twist, Turns and an amazing resolution this is the one or rather Keigo Higashino is the one you should be reading now!!
A Story about about an established novelist Kuniko Hidaka who is found murder in his own home, a night before he is planning to leave Japan and move to Vancouver and his body is found in his office, in a locked room within the house. By his Wife and his friend. Both of whom have alibis. 
And the story continues how Detective Kaga investigates and comes to the conclusion who the murder of Kuniko Hidaka the novelist who was found murdered. 

Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino 

Devotion of suspect X has been the last book that I have read from Keigo Higashino books that are available in English translation in india 
Right from the “ A Midsummer equation” to “Journey in the midnight sun” to A Salivation of a  saint” to being a “Newcomer” and a “Malice” occasionally before it became a “devotion of Suspect X” and  towards Keigo Higashino after reading all the books. 
The elements of a Keigo Higashino are usually a Murder and obviously an extra marital affairs is a common subject and a story that supports not only the motive behind the murder, but also coming to the conclusion of not just suspecting the murderer , but also having evidence and logical explanation in getting hold of the murderer. Also having read most of his works. Their  are three detectives that have been characterised in a way where Yukuwa who is also known as “detective Galileo” turns out to be your most favourite because of him having a physicist background that makes it interesting to know about his conclusions.
He is part of “A salivation of a saint, “A Mid-summer equation” and “Devotion of suspect X” 
Then there is  Detective Kaga that was the second detective character who is a typical Detective in the first book “Malice” and “Newcomer” how he solves the mystery by connecting dots that need to be keenly observed by someone who observes details. Detective Sasagaki’s who is part of the “Journey under the midnight sun” is a detective who isn’t satisfied until he gets a closure from a murder, even though time has passed by…The case still haunts him and years later he does get a closure ,a persistent detective, who wouldn’t get peace until he has concluded the case 
Keigo Higashino is author you should be reading, If you still haven’t read any of his works.

September Book Reviews!

Salivation Of A Saint By Keigo Higashino. 

My 3rd Book from Keigo Higashino, 2nd one of the year and two and half days of another page tuner from Keigo Higashino.

The Writing is so engrossing. Murder has already being committed in the first thirty pages and You might have the hint of who the murderer might me. But How it actually happens remains a mystery…Until Detective Galileo works around the theory with the Police officers and comes to the conclusion. A Book & author you wouldn’t want to miss reading, Who surprises you with a perfect Murder Crime that you wouldn’t in your wildest thought, imagined to take place like the one mentioned in the books and with logical backstory and supporting evidence, This book is all  the more enjoyable where you just want to read  more stories like these from Keigo Higashino one of  my new favourite Crime/Thriller who doesn’t disappoint. Now the next one I want to read is his bestsellerThe Devotion of Suspect X”

Seventeen by Hideo Yokoyama 

A Story about a plane Crash that took place in 1985 and How the piece is reported by

Kazumasa Yuuki, a reporter at the North Kanto Times who is responsible for covering the news of the Plane Crash. The Story revolves around the daily battles of the power struggles and office politics in the Print Media and Media as a field .

Itself ,But in 2003 Seventeen years later, Yuuki remembers the adrenaline-fueled, emotionally charged seven days that changed his and his colleagues’ lives. He does making on a promise he made that fateful week—one that holds the key to its last solved mystery and represents Yuuki’s final, unconquered fear.

Though I picked up this book for the story. What I enjoyed the most was the way it was written,The Writing and setting was just like how internal politics & power takes over.

When it comes to reporting & publishing news. If you are looking to read a nice Investigate Journalism book on reporting a disaster. This one you should be reading.

A Story written by a writer who has been in the journalism field for years working with Jōmō Shimbun the largest general circulation daily newspaper based in Gunma prefecture, Japan. The same region where apparently the Aeroplane Crash takes place.

Seventeen, is a slow burn but a very interesting. Battles, arguments over departments who feel they contribute & our more important for publishing business are well written. I guess writing a setting one knows, does truly bring out the authenticity in the writer while writing his story. Hideo is best known for six- four a murder thriller.

After Dark by Murakami 

Yes! This year I have read more than a couple of books from Murakami. Ranging from his Bestseller “Kafka on The Shore”to “After Dark” Though the style remains the same in the writing,The ideas that are shared in the writing by the writer are amusing to immediately get you interested in wanting to read the book. The same thing happened After Dark. After Dark is story that’s written describing the dreams and psychology of a person while in sleep, the thoughts, the nightmares etc. Coincidentally just like After Dark being Murakami’s Eleventh novel. This also happens to be my Eleventh read from his collection.

The Story revolves around a night in Tokyo where two college students bump into each other after a long time.

And Mari one of the protagonist in the story is approached by the manger of a restaurant as Mari is fluent in Chinese and the manager isn’t and request her to act as a translator for her. Soon both open up about their feeling within Mari opens about how she became fluent in the language and her feeling and comparison with Eri who is sister.

Meanwhile, strange things have been happening at the sister Eri’s place. Eri has already gone to bed by the time the events of the novel take place, but as she asleep strange things happens around which the writer narrates in his writing.

The Novel like most of the authors works ends abruptly, without any definitive answers to its many mysteries.

Incase you haven’t read any of the works by the authors and are considering starting of. Please don’t read this book first read a couple of his other works first.

2020 Thoughts!

Ever since 2020 began! 
It’s been setting up new challenges every day. 
Two months into the year and we were all dealing with a pandemic that even more than six months later doesn’t seem to end. 
As the year moved ahead! We lost a legend and one of the best actors in our Hindi Film Industry. Just when we were coming out of these two shocking deaths. We were thrown a mysterious death of another actor. Which was cited as a suicide, but reports were pointing to murder, three months later we still aren’t sure whether it’s a suicide or a murder. 
While there was just a hand full of those who questioned and wanted justice to be served for the late actor as it was strongly pointing towards a murder 
But, Things started to change when we were forced to pick up a side as one of the prime suspects in the investigation was arrested for Drugs and also used PR tactic’s to defend herself exclusively with two Broadcasting channels without first being questioned by The CBI. 
Weeks later, An Actor who began the fight of justice for the late actor, who had also being vocals and her ”Nepotism” Conversation took an ugly turn for. Leaving her with no movies offers. Plans to come to Mumbai and is not only threatened for her remarks a couple of days ago for comparing the city and situation with an enemy territory but just a few hours before her arrival to The City of Dreams! Her Office is tarnished citing reasons, illegal construction work. 
Mind you all these series of events are taking place while India is at its peak on the Coronavirus. 
The economy has hit it’s lowest since we had our independence and our in the middle of a war with another neighbour of ours. 
And what hurts the most is people who are considered role models, people who are looked up by Millions and Billions not just from our country, but from around the world. 
Haven’t spoken about anything at all from the injustice or justice for a late actor whose death remains a mystery, For an actor who’s office has been attacked wrongly. 
Or for the matter of where our country is headed in terms of our economic mess, How one should be tackling the pandemic or for that matter about the tensions amongst the borders, Are they all scared to open their mouths, Are these the people we aspire to be like? 
Where is the Freedom, If our well-known celebrities themselves can’t speak about anything
Is this the country we want to live in? Where there isn’t any democracy any more, but just dictatorship from all sides… Where power is also being misused by the powerful and not used the way it should be used. 
Where we speak up in minutes and condemn the West, but can’t really address and speak about the issues that are taking place in your motherland. 

Golden Gate By Vikram seth & Wild Sheep Chase by Murakami Book review.

The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. 

The Novel  follows the lives of five characters who are  in their mid-twenties and set 

In  California describing the  Silicon Valley life in the Early  Mid 80s.

 John is working in as an Electronics Engineer He is successful in his work and is happy with his job. But he doesn’t have a life besides his work. 

A Book, That isn’t like anything that I have read in all these years. 

No! It’s not exactly a poetry Book like Pablo Neruda’s or a Rupi Kaur. 

But It’s a novel! That’s written in a very novel way. 

It’s written in a prose style &  verses style. 

Writing is very poetic and The Word Play makes it beautiful read. 

This is one book, You should give it  A Shot, If you are looking to read a different style of writing with a literary twist to it. 

The Wild Sheep Chase by Murakami 

Having this time to read as many books and more books than the previous years. Instead of just reading one book a year by Murakami. This year I have already read three books from the author in the last six months.  At regular intervals. 

“The Wild Sheep Chase” Wasn’t even a book that I thought would be enjoyable, But having all the elements of a typical Murakami book (Mystery, Love, Loneliness and an experience) This book had yet another Animal/Insect character called the Rat and of course sheep too! This is what makes the book such a fascinating and enjoyable read that you can’t get enough of it and wonder how some simple ideas can be written in so much length, that keep the readers wanting more…

“The Wild Sheep Chase” has been my Tenth Murakami read since, I first read his “Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage” about five years ago… A story about characters who all have a name that has a meaning and reference to colour. But Tsukuru Tazaki doesn’t have a name which signifies any colour and how lonely and left out he feels by his friend’s circle and in the world. 

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