Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018 !!

Bryan Adams:The Ultimate Tour 2018  last night was my 1st ever concert With this big magnitude ever attended in my life.

Bryan Adams as a personality had some super energy and a great sense of humour. 

The complete production -The synchronisation of the video to his performance was conceptualised interestingly. 

The in between act of singing songs randomly to get the audience attention.

The performances on the guitar by the man himself was like something never seen before.

The humming of songs of his greatest hits by the audience was a great vibe to witness. 

The Band member was in-tune with Bryan Adams and occasionally outperformed Bryan.The weather was so humid,the sweat was dripping through the ninety minute he performed. Traffic to reach the venue was crazy enough to cover 1 km distance in 90 minutes…It took longer to reach the venue then the duration of the artist performance. 

Being his 5th Tour in India so far.There is hardly any doubt that India isn’t his favourite country to perform.

1994 was the first time ever Bryan Adams came to India,Mumbai and performed. 

And sharing anecdotes of his first visit to the fifth one last night.

It’s been 24 years since then and he has already performed 4 more times here. May be it’s the classical and hits of mid 90s and early 00s that keep our audience in India hungry and asking for more. 


1.Keith Scott Adam’s guitarist has been with him  since 1979 -that’s 40 years since they have been together.

2.Summer of 69 passes as a Hindi song in India.

3.Everything I do for you one of his biggest hit was written for 1991 movie Robin Hood:Prince of thieves.But didn’t become part of it.

4.He is not just a singer but a professional photographer.Published a book in 2013 wounded:The Legacy of War.And shoots for fashion magazines.

5.One of the photos of queen Elizabeth was used a Canadian stamp in 2003.

6.He himself has also being part of Canadian  stamp collection in 2009.

7.He signed his first contract at $1 in 1978.

8.Summer of 69 is not about the year but about the sex position.


Open -Andre Agassi

Open – Andre Aggasi’s Autobiography teaches you so much about tennis and a life of a sportsman.

This autobiography interested me because,There was so much to learn about the sport & about a personality who never liked Tennis.But played it anyway until he retried in 2006.

From the day he was born Andre’s Was born to be a tennis player ,and at a age when you are still learning and enjoying your childhood.

Andre’s Father bet $10,000 on his son for a match against Jim Brown.

While the father went home to get the cash. A senior tennis club manager begged Jim Brown to lower his stakes…

The only thing Andre did was Play Tennis.A sport which he hated all his life.But,Became his life and became one of the few greats in Tennis we know today.

This blog ain’t about him personally,But on what do the different tournaments means, The different types of courts and the common terms that are used in tennis.

The first (and now oldest) tennis tournament was held at Wimbledon in 1877 and hence it’s called the Wimbledon and considered the prestigious Grand Slam. The Grand Slam  tournaments , are the four most important annual tennis events. The Grand Slam consists of the Australian Open in  midJanuary, the French Open in May and June, Wimbledon in June and July, and the US Open in August and September. Each tournament is played over a period of two weeks.

The matches in the Wimbledon

are known as Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s singles and doubles.

and not the men’s and women’s singles and doubles as known in the other tournaments.

Trivia on the Wimbledon:

1. An important Wimbledon Member Rufus the Hawak , flies around the court each day to move on any trouble-making pigeons.

2.34,000kg of strawberries and 10,000 litres of cream are consumed at Wimbledon.- Strawberry & Cream

The Types of surfaces in tennis – There are mainly 4 types of surfaces. clay courts, hard courts, grass courts and carpet courts.

Wimbledon is the only tournament in tennis that still since 1877.uses the Grass courts.Grass courts are the fastest type of courts. And another reason why they aren’t used in any of the other Grand slams (Australian Open  from 1905 to 1987, the US Open  from 1881 to 1974) It’s because its difficult to maintain and the cost of maintance is very high.

The French Open is the only Grand Slam tournament to use clay courts.

Clay courts slow down the ball and produce a high bounce.

hard courts have been in use at the Australian Open since 1988 and the US Open  since 1978.

Carpet” Yes that makes you wonder – What type of court would this be infact in it tennis means any removable court covering.Since 2009, their use has been discontinued on the top tier of the ATP.

I am sure, you must have come across these terms,and for someone who doesn’t follow tennis this is what the terms related to the term ‘Grand Slam‘ really mean.

* ‘Grand Slam’Winning all 4 Grand Slams of the year

* ‘Golden Slam‘- Winning all 4 Grand Slams along with an Olympic gold       medal in the same year

* ‘Super Slam’– Winning all 4 Grand Slams along with the ATP/WTA finals in the same year.

* ‘Calendar  Slam‘- Winning the Slam in the same year or in a single year

* ‘Non-Calendar Slam’-Winning the slam in a period of 12 months

* ‘Career Slam‘- Winning the slam overall in the career i.e. winning all the    events of a slam in the career once

They are each called “Grand Slam tournaments” because they are the tournaments that make up the “Grand Slam”.

Food Tasting – Being the Food Taster!

Food Taster –  Perform standardized qualitative and quantitative tests to determine physical or chemical properties of food or beverage products.

I Don’t know exactly when I became a trustworthy food taster.Ever since I tasted food on my pallete. I Criticised food to be nearly perfect according to my taste buds.

This was much more Masterchef or cooking shows being popular.

Right from my teenage First for my Mom -( kitchen701)Tasting food and giving the feedback to get the perfect meal out of it.

Indian,Chinese and continental – The Salt,The cheese and the richness of the food.

Than slowly became a taster for Mami’s Baking (Teaser) criticising the sweetness,The missing element and ocassinally the texture – Whether its too soft or hard.

This I hardly knew,One day would help me professionally too and when I began working with an Luxury events & Wedding company. And Given the profile of F&B (Food & Beverage ) For most of the projects I have done so far.

I hardly knew – It could become a challenge and my taste matters

So for an upcoming wedding – We had to do a food tasting to choose the menu from the shortlisted Caterer. And to be really honest.I was tired of eating – (6 Types of starters,5 Mocktails,Indian Chaat,Tasting Molecular Gastronomy food,Nibbling on indian food and trying out the desserts ) It was an interesting evening and after the initial tasting when the couple realised we were on the same page.They trusted us to try and choose from the rest of the menu.When they couldn’t eat more.

Also the whole experience was wonderful with the complete banquet space being booked solely for the client & us. The set up too was done like what the actual one would be like.

This particular experience has been one of the most interesting one so far. And as they truly say – People in the wedding will remember the food & the experience the most.Rather than anything else.

Glass Menagerie Play @Prithvi

The Glass Menagerie a play that’s has been in production for more than five years. For more than two years I have been trying to watch the show.And yes finally watched it on Thursday 30th August at Prithvi theatres. The story is about love & loneliness revealing the story of family members whose lives form a triangle of quiet desperation.

Amanda played by (Shernaz Patel popular theatre artist.) is the widow mother with two children one son Tom played by (Jim Sarbh)Have you watched Sanju recently ? He is Sanju’s friend who introduces him to drugs .and daughter Laura played by (Ira Dubey)

Since the play is set in the 1950s  Amanda the mother is all worried about her daughter  shy and crippled daughter Laura, , who is living in her glass menagerie and her memories. The mother narrates her gentleman callers stories where she would be so popular and get so many calls everyday before she got married.

In the same bellied she ask her  son Tom, a poet with a job in the docks,  to find her sister a husband and if there is anyone at the docks who he could introduce to her sister. but when the long awaited gentleman caller does arrive, Laura’s romantic illusions are crushed. The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams’ , is one of his most powerful and moving plays.

The play opened at the Prithvi Theatre festival in 2013 and has since toured around the country, been showcased at the Hindu Festival and has played in Kuwait and the UAE.

Tom Clancy’s-Jack Ryan prime play Premiere’s

Jack Ryan- Tom Clancy’s novel character is now a Series for Amazon Prime Video. The premiere screening at PVR on Thursday was a peek into what you can expect out of the show and from amazon prime play in the next couple of months.

Jack Ryan an CIA analyst-Who uncover’s a pattern in terrorist communication that forces him into challenging situations.

The 1st episode was impressive for a Web series.In terms of the quality of production, sound and editing.

The character is based on Tom Clancy’s Novel’s who was featured in 21 novel’s.Which were Patriot Games,Red Rabbit and Dead or Alice to name a few.

Krasinki’s(Jack Ryan) character is also inspired by Harrison Ford portrayal in patriot games  and, clear and present danger.

The whole screening set up was based on the theme of the show with a feeling  that you have already landed in the battlefield.

At the screening the Goodie bag included (Jack Ryan bottles & T-Shirt and the Badges )was a nice giveaway.

The 1st season will be on air on 31st August 2018 only on Prime play.

And you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the season 2 was already signed by the production house,months before the 1st season’s marketing started.

Jack Ryan might just be the show,that would be the game changer for amazon prime