Bareilly ki Barfi- Not a Movie Review!!



Bareilly ki Barfi based on the book essence  of love written by Arshad Ali.

And adapted by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari,Written by Nitish Tiwari and Shreyas Jain.Starring RajKummar Rao,Kriti Sanon and Ayushmann Khurana. 

The simple story of love, Set in Uttar Pradesh.Which is narrated, The characterisation and performance of the story makes it an enjoyable movie for the audiences.

The Acting by Kriti Sanon should be applauded. As this was her first challenging movie with no big star cast,But a story in hand.

Rajkumar Rao,has finally got his recognition as actors with this one after giving quite a few critically acclaimed performances in the past.

Trivia :Ashwini Iyer Tiwari who has directed the flick, has had the story  written by husband Nitish Tiwari.The director behind the “Dangal.” 



The cheesy Day!! 

The cheese Tour visit as,We walked  seated ourself at Pai Farm.A cheese platter was served to us,And the service guy promptly classified the cheese on the platter.Before we could Pick our choices.As we started tasting the cheese,The people behind this move.
Began to share their success story about how,Being totally unaware about how cheese,Is made to being self taught and making the finest cheeses.From the temperature required to the way it needs to be stored and consumed within the time frame from manufacturing to one opening a pack.

The idea initiatied by their children abroad and then not only trying to execute,But learning about everything the process to the implementation and getting it right to make it a commercial business out of it. 

Their joy of making it so successful within a year.While the Successful firms in the food industry failed to maintain the consistency.

Shoe Dog-Nike 

PHIL KNIGHT- SHOE DOG, A Book that was on my reading list, ever since I viewed the Interview of phil Knight on the charlie Rose show and immediately,Wanted to read it.But, Till the time I actually bought the book, I read the repeated article appearing in leading newspapers.

Here in India with Bill Gates Stating “it a refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like… it’s an amazing Tale”. A book recommended To Read …

“The Best Book I read last Year.Phil is…A gifted storyteller”- Warren Buffet .

“Candid,Funny,Suspenful,liteary-This is a memoir for people who love sport,But above all it’s a memoir for people who love memoirs”-Andre Agassi

I was sure,This Book would really be the most enjoyable read for me

There is so, little we all know about Nike ,And are totally oblivious who is Phil Knight ?     months later.I Read the book,And The way the book was structured,Like a suspenseful novel.

From Phil knight journey- To discover himself to joining the dots years later when Nike became synonymous with the Best Sport shoe one can own .  To parting the wisdom, of myths of shoe/footwear around the globe like

Putting on the right shoe before the left will bring prosperity -Romans believed before caesar period.

China: did you know that when man marries woman,They throw red shoes on the roof to make sure all goes well on wedding night!

And Did you know when someone starts a journey,It’s actually good luck to throw shoe at them in China To Bowerman one of the most important men in the nike journey.
Trivia’s -Did You know 

Blue Ribbion the brand and company founded by Phil knight,Before Nike was born,Actually distributed Onituska Tiger shoe.

The term ‘Shoedog’ is an Slang name given to a veteran of the footwear industry. Someone who has dedicated their life to selling Shoes.

6453 –the phone number ending of all Nike stores worldwide as it spells Nike

1966 Blue ribbon,The company before Nike was born opened the first ever retail store Santa Monica .

1972-Nike was born

1977-Air shoes were coming up.

1980-2nd December going Public

Carolyn Davidson– Designed the Nike Logo

Denny Strickland creative director designed NIKE Font.

Sandals discovered in 1938 the year Phil knight was born .

Oldest shoe ever discovered are from Oregon 9000 years ago.

Atomic Blonde-Movie Review!!

Atomic Blonde from the director of Deadpool & John Wick David Leitch You can only expect actions at it’s best.And it doesn’t disappoint with,  Atomic Blonde being us sneak peak what it would be like For a Blonde to be like Blonde. In The first few minutes itself you are interested in knowing about,And you realise how different is it from others.

A story of the most elite Spy MI 6 Lorraine Broughton,who’s willing to give it all and redeem the mission she has been assigned.

The story is from the point of view of  the protagonist narrating the story of her mission.With spray effect filter in the edits,made it appealing.

The beginning,Giving out a word of caution this is not that story of 1989 November When the Berlin Wall was about to fall 

The story being inspired from a Novel Graphic The coldest City written by Anthony Johnston A British Comic writer.Makes total sense for the spray effect.

The Blonde is played by charlize Theron .An actress who has been part of thriller like Mad Max fury,Fast and Furious 8 and the Italian Job.

Antagonist played by James McAvoy has played the most challenging role till date of 23 personalities in a single movie the split.A neatly done,Action movie.With the Mystery remaining…

Self Confidence!!! 

Confidence-The feeling of having faith in something.The state of feeling certain.

How important is it really? Do you really care? 

Not just with analysing,Evaluating decisions generally. 

But even with styling yourself with the right accessories and wearing the right outfit for occasions.Or for that matter experimenting with something totally not part of your personality.

And making an appearance,During the experimental phase.You will be mocked,You will be the highlight of the occasion and topic of conversation 

But,If you are confident about,Your appearance rather than nervous about it.

You won’t bother.And you soon will be seeing yourself challenging yourself next time for a bigger challenge coming your way.

Only because you have become confident about yourself.In other terms you are self-assured