Taftoon- Bar &Kitchen review

Tatftoon Derived from the Persian word meaning “burning” is a catchy name and foodies delights it’s non-Vegetarian offering are very delicious and it doesn’t disappoint you at all

The New restaurant in town was a mighty surprise from the Restauraner of Haqq Se and Oye Kake.A complete makeover in terms of the interiors. Very modern feel.The moment you step in,You wonder are you in an indian food restaurant or have you come to an Asian food restaurant.

The colour combination of the door with the green door and blue side walls is very appealing and welcoming the green tiles as soon as you enter are a good welcome.Could easily become the selfie wall .

The whole feel is warm and welcoming.

The food the Gulati Kebas served on coin parathas with banana leafs on the bottom is very delicious.

But,The signature dish here would be the chicken Harrisa. Small size Roti with stuffed chicken and Harrisa a must try.

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