A thought for the day !!!


Just the other day ,one of my classmates had gone for the weekend to my hometown,from a metro like Mumbai .And so me being from that town ,he asked what he can do?

After thinking about two minutes ,I realised that where ever we travel ,the only difference we see is food .
whether its Travelling to another state in the country , or to another country abroad we only see what else can be eaten ,there is so much everywhere for sightseeing ,the shopping brands and stuff might be available in another country in a few months but the only difference would be of getting that authentic taste of food which is served locally ,no matter how hard you try to get the exact taste of a local cuisine there would be some  ingredients that would not be available. That gives  the exact taste of the dish.And that’s why when we  travel we  go to authentic places for authentic food.…
And so food is the only common topic ,even when we discuss our daily happenings .Food is such an important topic today globally .And with accessibility ,its just become easier to travel more,explore more in no time.