2021 Beverages

There has been a complete range of beverages that I have explored or tried in 2021. One of the main categories was tonic waters a lot of interesting flavours of tonic waters I tried and some of them particularly tasted well as a beverage or with a spirit or as a cocktail. And certain brandsContinue reading “2021 Beverages”

Non -Alcoholic Beverages

Non – Alcoholic beverages in India:  India has been seeing a rise of non -Alcoholic beverage. If it was the Protein Shakes and Fresh Juices that had hit the Cola Market Shares!  The introduction of Kingfisher’s the king of Good times Malt based Fruit drinks was another diversion for the Brand that was synonymous withContinue reading “Non -Alcoholic Beverages”

Cocktail Tasting 🍸

Working for a event company and handling F&B(Food & Beverages) the clients when hiring the bartenders for their weddings.Would occasionally if they aren’t too sure about the bartenders.Want to taste cocktails to get an idea of the bartending companies combination and  balance of spirits with the mixtures they will be using. The Oxford Dictionaries defineContinue reading “Cocktail Tasting 🍸”