2021 Beverages

There has been a complete range of beverages that I have explored or tried in 2021. One of the main categories was tonic waters a lot of interesting flavours of tonic waters I tried and some of them particularly tasted well as a beverage or with a spirit or as a cocktail. And certain brands also explored another subcategory of the huge beverage/ Cocktails. Edible garnishes and non-alcoholic drinks are a fairly new concept in India that struck well with home bartenders and drinkers during the pandemic. While another tonic water brand did also launch lemonades a nostalgic drink with a few twists. Other non-alcoholics took me by surprise the ginger beer & Grapefruit ginger beer. The other category that I explored were syrups and though it said natural taste. They did come out a little artificial in taste. Syrups are still something I haven’t seen so many Indian brands taking the plunge into. While Cocktail mixers were something a lot of brands we’re starting with. Some of them were readily available while others were only noticed because of their collaborations. But yes there are suddenly too many players out there in this segment. While 2022 I would like to explore more bitters and syrups that are available and made in India. Since there is a huge interest in the home bartending and cocktail experience in India. It may be because of travel restrictions or others were exploring new hobbies.

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