Ad Shoot!

The Morning wasn’t a usual one. Had set the alarm for five forty-five am, but was fast asleep until I picked up my phone and realised  it’s Six am. Shit! I was going to get late! Quickly had a shower, and cornflakes, Banana and black coffee got ready and left around six-thirty am. Checked again what time did I have to be there. Seven !! And so I approached the destination and reached via google maps. But seemed to have been misdirected to the direction. 
Dialled the number, as instructed once I had reached my destination. Got the address and followed the maps in the right direction. 
Met the concerned person,and was handed over some printouts! These were the storyboards for the shoot that was planned for the day! While placing the printouts with help of the spot-boy. I bumped into somebody I knew. She was in the Art department. A few minutes later after all print outs were stuck. Arrived on the sets where the Ad shoot for a toothpaste brand was planned out. The toothpaste brand is rebranding itself with one of the most bankable and popular star and youth icon “Alia Bhatt” As we began shooting the 45 seconder advertisement ,post ,the Muhurat & Aarti. I observed what all goes through when shooting films/Ad and how they are done and the various teams involved and their jobs it was the first time ever after wanting to be on a set, that I enjoyed and learned so much. The importance of a stylist, the lighting, Silence and what each one does on the Sets.
 Can’t wait to see the Advertisement aired .The Ad was directed by One of the most well known director at Dharma Production Shashank Khaitan And he was the most chilled out director. Well I in the directors team ( Assistant Director) on my first ever commercial shoot. The shoot was wrapped up in two days on both  days before the scheduled time.
 I would surely like to be part of filmmaking. Something that I always wanted to do. 

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