Coffee Capsules /Pods Available in India

The Pandemic Struck and we were forced into home quarantine,Isolation and with everything under lockdown. Being Home was the option. While I was a regular Nespresso drinker, I was running out of coffee capsules. But, then Indian coffee brands were my only options and thank God! Because they were amazing and well priced. But, My only hitch! If I did not google enough, I would hardly know about them. So, To make others life easy, I am sharing a list of coffee pods/Capsules that are from India or are easily available in India. 

Capsules/Pod Coffee:

Vero: An Italian word for real, True perfect. Is a Mumbai based brand that specialises in coffee Pods/Capsules and machines too. They have flavours like Irish Cream and green Coffee apart from Arabica, Vanilla, Chocolate, Decaf and Coorg. Apart from coffee capsules they also offer Green tea capsules.

Fresh Brew: Another Coffee capsules brand that offers pods. But the interesting part of this brand is they also offer Iced Coffee capsules like the original Nespresso has to offer and apart from this they have Javas, Sumatra, Colombia and many other flavours to offer.

Bonhomia : One of the first brands that I knew of that offers coffee capsules & Machine that’s compatible with Nespresso machines and we’re the first ones to offer flavoured coffees like Hazelnut, Vanilla and Tea capsules too.

Lavazza: The Italian coffee that was once so popular in India. Now offers its capsules for the Nespresso machine.

Davidoff: If You love your instant Davidoff coffee and want to have it from the Nespresso machine they have a couple of options like Rich, Espresso, Fine, Elegance, Prestige and style to choose from.

Coffeeza: A Coffee Brand that not just specialises in Capsules but also has Drip Coffee Bag. They have Ethiopian and a few more options for coffee capsules. They also have machines too.

Some More Of My Writing #5

The Trial Series: Netflix

The Trial:
A Body is found on the riverfront, and a few minutes later, the main accused is arrested. But this is just the beginning of a high drama series. This Italian series is split into eight episodes. once the case is exposed, and this goes on where you realise it’s a one-sided argument, but since this is a courtroom drama, the case soon is getting Balanced, where you don’t know whether the accused will remain in prison or will be set free. This series keeps you glued until the end and makes you witness, how one manipulates evidence and facts to prove one’s innocence. This is a binge-worthy series!!

How I Quit Google to sell Samosa – Book Review

How I Quit Google to Sell Samosa: 

As soon as got a book titled How I Quit Google to Sell Samosa and then read it’s by Munaf Kapadia the man behind TBK or The Bori Kitchen. I was intrigued and fascinated by how would this story be and going by someone quitting google for a Food & Beverage business without any experience, it’s a huge plunge. 

The book is very entertaining, engaging and funny giving you an insight into the F&B and hospitality business and make you feel like you have lived the TBK success journey and you know Munaf Kapadia and his family. 

I haven’t read too many books on Food, but this one did make me feel hungry all the time. 

Range: A Triumph in Generalist- A personal Book Review!

How many Times! Have you heard the phrase Jack of all Trades, Master of None! 
While there might be a few who proudly brag about this, but most of us don’t take this seriously!! 
But! What’s important being a Specialist in one Field or have a range of understanding of different fields, interest. 
Considering 2020 when the world is taken over unexpectedly by a virus that’s invisible and has destroyed lives and livelihood for most of us since we were highly dependent on that one Job,  or on that one skill we thrived on. Would it be better to have a few ranges of skills to survive? Didn’t lockdown force us to sharpen our other skills? 
Isn’t it better to be a Jack of all trades and master of none? 
Would there be so many of these inventions and discoveries if mistakes weren’t done by the inventors? Would Nintendo ever be known as a Gaming company from a flower card selling company if the owner of the company had not noticed its’s employ’s talent and skills? 
Would we still have so many artist and sportsman if they were based on their qualifications and not on their range of skills they had been skilled with? Patience, Focus and timing the ball. 
Aren’t skills equally of value than qualifications? 
Most of the filmmakers did not go to film school. Most of the business Ideas did not come after being qualified. They came about to solve problems by founders who dropped out to fill in the Gaps. Today Online Education is thriving and then there was a time when they said online education is waste of time! These courses online aren’t credible. 
But the next graduates would be the ones who will qualify digitally by studying from home. 
No! You can’t deny that a Specialist isn’t needed. But there are very few fields which require Specialist example being doctors and medical professional. Other industries and business thrive on Evaluation and Analysis. 

You must read the book. It’s will change the way you see things. 

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