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Some More Writing- 2022

Best Books: 2021

When you have the opportunity & time to read books you want to make sure you enjoy reading the books & are learning something from them.

And when you read about 20 odd books in a year, You honestly haven’t liked them all or something about them, And you ask yourself why did I pick that one? But at the same time as the year comes to an end, you have thought about certain books more often or have only talked about them.

Sharing the list of my favourite books that I read this year in 2021.

The Guestlist – Thriller The title of this book intrigued me a lot for one of the reasons it had been more than a year since I had attended a celebration and what would a book be like when the main setting is a celebration. This book certainly keeps you interested in revealing the secrets and characteristics of the characters timely. The Twist towards the end is what you haven’t been expecting at all. You need to read this if you haven’t.

The Double Life (Alque Padamsee) Advertising Advertising books are always fun and interesting to read and when you have heard the personality live, and have heard so many stories about the personality from your grandmother, You become interested in knowing more about him. This book is a must if you like reading books on advertising. The book also had photographs of my grandmother who had done a play for Alque Padamsee.

How I Quit Google to Sell Samosa by Munaf Kapadia You Don’t often notice books on hoteliers, Caterers, Chefs, Bartenders or for that matter on Food Journeys. The last one I read about was the 100-foot journey. But this story “How I Quit Google to Sell Samosa” Is one of the most interesting reads. For one It’s a story of Munaf Kapadia who quits one of the best companies in the world to follow this passion project with his mother. Something we do not hear often. The Borhi Kitchen was an innovative concept of inviting strangers over for a meal highlighting the cultural background and sharing the importance of traditional cuisines from different cultures. The book highlights the ups & downs of the food business in the world and in the country and expenses we don’t account for otherwise when starting our own business. This is an inspirational story of Munaf who was courageous enough to follow his dream.

Netflix – No Rules Rule.Oh! Yes! I do enjoy reading autobiographies & biographies and the only reason is you get to learn about the organisation, the product/service and the person behind the success & what failures one went through which you can learn from. And Netflix in a short period has been recognised as a global platform that one likes to associate with. But, what’s the thought behind them choosing certain series & not choosing the rest. What does one who works for an organisation like this do? And is it a happy space to work at? Well, Netflix No Rules Rule gives you all the answers about what Netflix is all about.

Think Again by Adam Grant is A book that enjoyed a lot as it explains the scenarios and reasons the importance of Thinking again and the benefits of doing so. And it’s ok to change one’s mind.

Range by David Epstein We all have been a fan of Malcolm Gladwell and his books right from Tipping points, David vs Goliath and Blink to name just a few of them. His famous theory of applying 10,000 hours to something we truly want to achieve has been popular for years now. But then David Episten writes a book Range – Why Generalist Triumph. And this book wouldn’t be more relevant if the pandemic wouldn’t have existed. This book emphasises why being a Jack of all Trades might be an advantage over just having one single trade and why might be important to know a few things in the other categories too.

Psychology of Money There has been so many people written on how to make money like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Kid Smart Kid and more books that have been written on wealth & money. But no book explains to you about money “like the psychology of money” what exactly is the psychology behind the money. And this book is worth reading for anybody who wants to understand money.

2021 Beverages

There has been a complete range of beverages that I have explored or tried in 2021. One of the main categories was tonic waters a lot of interesting flavours of tonic waters I tried and some of them particularly tasted well as a beverage or with a spirit or as a cocktail. And certain brands also explored another subcategory of the huge beverage/ Cocktails. Edible garnishes and non-alcoholic drinks are a fairly new concept in India that struck well with home bartenders and drinkers during the pandemic. While another tonic water brand did also launch lemonades a nostalgic drink with a few twists. Other non-alcoholics took me by surprise the ginger beer & Grapefruit ginger beer. The other category that I explored were syrups and though it said natural taste. They did come out a little artificial in taste. Syrups are still something I haven’t seen so many Indian brands taking the plunge into. While Cocktail mixers were something a lot of brands we’re starting with. Some of them were readily available while others were only noticed because of their collaborations. But yes there are suddenly too many players out there in this segment. While 2022 I would like to explore more bitters and syrups that are available and made in India. Since there is a huge interest in the home bartending and cocktail experience in India. It may be because of travel restrictions or others were exploring new hobbies.

Social networking!

Social media marketing/ Influencing:
It’s been a year since I have been very active on social media and more importantly one particular application the photo-sharing networking application. And in this one year, I have had a few questions which I don’t know how the brands, companies and organisations work. If you have an X number of followers and if the number of people you follow is More than the X number of followers you have. How are you more popular? And if another person has more followers than he follows and has more interesting content then how come isn’t worthy of you to share his content? Isn’t social media platforms used to share content that we think is not just informative but also interesting enough to be shared on a platform? Why would brands, organisations and companies only reshare celebrity posts? Celebrities make up less than 1% of your following. The rest who follow the brands, company and organisations relate to the product, service or enjoy the experience you give to the consumer, user and customer. Celebrities are the ones who mostly get paid to share positive reviews and make their posts insta worthy, but others use their creativity to express their love for the brand. But yet the brands do not acknowledge the efforts & time one invest in uploading and sharing photos.

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