ORS-Officiating replay system

Remember the UDRS-Umpire decision review system ?which was in the news for a while since It wasn’t accurate and the BCCI too was against the system , this was a while back ,and now in 2014 another technology advancement in the game is happening… the game might have ORS-Officiating replay system where there would beContinue reading “ORS-Officiating replay system”

Sachin Tendulkar -“good things do come in small packages”

“Good things do some in small packages” When a 16 year old kid 5″5 ft walked in to the crease in 89″ who would have thought he would have a journey of 24 years with excitement ,fun ,drama ,action all that a masala movie would have in 3 hr this guy had it all heContinue reading “Sachin Tendulkar -“good things do come in small packages””