It happens only in India .

It’s the 24th April today ,No it’s not a reminder that’s it’s Sachin tendulkar birthday ,but it’s the day where most of the Indians have gone out of their houses to cast their “vote” .There were about 40% first time voter casting there vote .while there were the first time voters ,who voted for a change ,there were also a number of voters who voted to show there inked finger to the social media .
So now today ,I too a first time voter was all excited to go out and vote and was disappointed with the way you go through casting your vote .even though you have submitted all documents ,your name is missing from the list ,it’s just not me who’s name was missing it was my parents ,friends and there were a few well known people from the country who’s name were missing .
Does this mean the educated class votes not count ?
Also there were about more than a few lakh names missing from the district (Nashik)of the voters .
Is voting another business ?
Is voting a joke ?
How important is in to really for election to be held .
If they are there should be a better organised way .also this too should be looked at and being implemented by the next election a better voting system .
The country has just become worse in the last few years and It doesn’t seem to be changing in the way it should .
I am not worried that the country works like this ,I am just worried that what if it keep on working like this .

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