Sachin Tendulkar!!

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin tendulkar-legend
End of the cricket era …
23 years ago it was a boy who dreamt of winning the CWC and decide to become a cricketer …
And here today he has lived his dream and God of cricket has retired after it has made followers …and from those followers they have become icon and have had their followers .
Well here we are not taking about creating followers but this batsman had made the game so exciting and interesting with having creating milestones and breaking records …
The other here have come to earn money and only money .
The game has become a business rather than a sport 
Will have to see will the  meaning of sport ,movies,music change after the icon has been lost 
It one of those shocking days where the pressure has cooked this little master to force a retirement before the the captain being sacked ,and without any reason .
We know if we don’t perform the power must be taken away but has not be taken away for the captain 
We also know time changes and it takes time to Adapt 
But why blame the senior for poor performance when the juniors aren’t performing 
Will the captain say cricket is our world now.
There would be enjoying themselves.
Why can’t the retired players like these be given thbcci w
Well there do not have  any retirement do they?

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