Supercar show

 For reasons I don’t remember why I couldn’t go for the super parx Carshow in the past .I finally went after about four years , insisted on going for the event and wasn’t disappointed at all .There were quite a few number of BMW, RollsRoyce, Lotus and Lamborghini , Mercedes , Audi to name a few .
and If this was not the thing there were other super car owners driving around the toys to get all the attention .
This is an event annually organised by Gautam Singhania,Owner of the brand Raymond ,mostly on the 2nd  week of  January  on a Sunday and its been happening for the past six years ,Its a Rally where they go from point A to point B and back , its a nice idea to have if not all at least a few of the best cars being noticed speeding on the street of mumbai .
The only thing that I felt was that the parking lot that is the venue for the start point being too small  for the cars to be parked … I hope next year its back to the  Racecourse since I heard from a friend who accompanied me this year Racecourse had a better Display .

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