ORS-Officiating replay system


Remember the UDRS-Umpire decision review system ?which was in the news for a while since It wasn’t accurate and the BCCI too was against the system , this was a while back ,and now in 2014 another technology advancement in the game is happening… the game might have ORS-Officiating replay system where there would be instant replay for non-match umpires ,this will allow the umpire to have more control over the replay he sees instead of depending on the replays provided to match umpires by the official broadcaster.This will not only give real-time replays but  other tech tools and total control over camera angles ,the system is intended to eliminate broadcaster bias ,speed up the Drs process and prevent howlers .This will only make the game better since The chosen official to provide the feedback for the ongoing Pak -lanka test ,simon taufel is working independently of the third umpire ,he receives 16 real time feeds from the match and also has a hawkeye engineer to assit him.the third umpire receives replays from the broadcaster in 30-40 seconds while taufel using ORS receives the signal in real time.But will this be accepted by BCCI and others since it will be expensive to adapt and many members  countries and broadcaster may not be willing to pay the extra cost. 


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