Unriped Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Premier hotel in Bengaluru wasn’t our first choice , being a Indian based hotel chain, In fact wasn’t an option at all unless,We started looking for options around the venue of our event.
Our only choice was a lesser known hotel Shilton Suite.
I wish,If we could have stuck with that option. we wouldn’t have any expectations at all.
But,We decided to go with a familiar name and stayed at the “Lemon Tree Premier “ until the day of the event arrived we had no clue about the citrus punches,we would experience And that our experience would be more like a fresh lime soda order gone wrong with too much of salt and no sugar. Or were we dealing with so unriped lemons which had just become part of the growing tree for the hotel chain.
After repeatedly watering them with message of do’s and Dont’s.They couldn’t still be nourished and that’s when I realised.
I was dealing with A bunch of unripe Lemon  from the tree.
From the Names not being on the list (For which I had earlier mentioned too,On the invoice  that was sent to me)
To not having a single room from about 6 rooms,I requested for early check- ins, to not having rooms either ready for late check-ins.
May be all they wanted was, to check in at the check- in time (2 pm) to get the rooms.
The final billing invoices too had my second name totally mismatched from another team members of ours, to have the Spelling of my second name totally misspelled for the detailed bills. This has to be the worst experience of dealing with an hospitality group.That is “Make in India “ and “Made in India .”

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