Manjhi -The mountain man !!

Manjhi the mountain man ,a true story about dasharth manjhi who for 22 years Alone broke a huge 360 ft long .30ft wide and 25ft high mountain.with a hammer and chisel A poor labourer in Gehalur whose sole mission in life was to break the mountain and make a path for easy access by making a road ,the movie tells us the story and journey of this man and how whatever obstacles came his way ,he stuck to his mission .He also had doubts about his mission but always when he thought of giving up ,motivation and his love kept him to complete his task .With just a hammer and axe he continued his mission until one day finally 4 years after his death in 2007 ,in 2011 the road was finally made .This story had a lot of moral to learn from ,the attitude of don’t leave everything on God and do something yourself and love can make people do wonders

The movie had manjhi played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his wife phaliguni by Radhika Apte .The cast was quite right .Acting by Siddiqui was enjoyable.His versatility makes him suit any role he is offered and the director Ketan Mehta who has a keen interest in biographical movies on unsung Hero’s too has done a good job by sharing this story and inspiring us not to loose hope .

Please watch this movie ,before its off the theatres .

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