Book Review !!-Personal review .

Hi!! I just thought about trying my hand in book reviewing and here it begins with this book. Hope you enjoy it. And can honestly post your suggestion in the comments column.
Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami is a story about Tuskuru Tazaki, who had four friends at school and their names symbolised colours, The two boys Akamastu meaning’ red pine ‘, Oumi ‘Blue Sea’ while the two girls were shirane ‘white root’ and Kurono ‘black field ‘, but only Tazaki whose name had no connection with colour hence the book is titled colourless Tazaki. The story moves ahead, with one day out of the blue, Tuskuru Tazaki friends announced they didn’t want to see him ever again. And abruptly ending the friendship, and since that day the thought has been troubling him Why did they cut off friendship But soon he meets Sara, Who tells him that the time has come to find out what happened and where are they all Will he be able to solve the mystery?

The writing is descriptive, describing the setting very well, the story moves very fast and you are so hooked, you don’t feel like keeping the book away and the only time you want to keep it away is once you have known the complete story. The second half of the book moves faster solving the mystery and getting closer to the climax, You must surely read the book it’s very engaging and worth a shot. The writer is a Japanese writer who is also known for his book

Kafka on the shore. And this one colourless book has been his most recent writing. The book also brings you closer in understanding how common and uncommon are names that contain colour in Japan. And not to forget you get another perspective of Japan culture.

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  1. I quite enjoyed this title as well. The melancholy seeps into absolutely every little detail of the story, from the descriptions, setting and narrative. I found it difficult to put the book down at times.


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