Ahalya -Short film review 

Watched Ahalya a short movie written &directed by Suyog ghosh the man behind the Famous “kahaani ” and the character Bob Biswas ,who has done quite a few films earlier too Aladdin ,jhankar beat Here comes a short film “Ahalya ” which has set the social media buzzing About the mystery .ahalaya opens with a police inspector (Roy ) ringing the bell ,and enetering a house to find out about a missing model But then meets (Radhika Apte ) who he is bestowed by and when he is inspecting the place ,he matches the photo with the creation of the artist and they are very identical .The story then moved to inspector explaining why he is visiting this house and the protagonist begins telling him the inspector the story of the stone ,first he (Roy ) finds it hard to believe him then he replies ok I believe you ,walks up to the room where Radhika Apte Is and looks into the mirror ,see the protagonist face in the room ,that’s the moment when you go oh …what just happened .And soon you realise he (Roy)too has turn into a creation .a gripping story ,based on the myth Hindu mythology of the ahalya a creation of Lord bharma,and the myth is believed to be Ahalya was the most beautiful women in the world ,but was cursed by her husband old sage Gautama for infidelity .This short film by sugoy ghosh is surely a must watch with unsolved mysteries and the idea of the story being based in Bengali and trying to showcase the myths of Kolkata .
Here the link of the short film :

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