Sibling rivalry or love ?

Today I just came across an interesting thought while sipping my coffee ,and overheard two people speak about…. How having a sibling (sister) can make any difference when it comes to behaving in front of a girl.,it’s a little difficult for me to write this because I have a sibling (sister) and don’t know how living without one would be like, but all I can say it’s a little easy to understand the other girls because I live with my sister ,I know you would say nobody can understand a girl but you can surely understand them a little better, about their
emotional needs and what they might like or dislike ,when is it a good time to speak to them and when to leave them ,it take years but I have grown up with my sister and her friends so I can understand what it might be like to be a guy with a sibling and understand the other girls .also a sibling (sister ) can give you a foundation of how to behave in front of girls
Imagine not having a sister just makes me wonder that I might just be a little more shy than I am now ,a little less confident and nervous when taking to girls

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