The illusion of love …

2011-12-Love Illusion

So in the days of Christmas and New Years Eve, everybody is singing a song of romance. Romance is what stays with us for the longest. Many times we have enjoyed watching some of our favorite romantic movies repeatedly. From Dilwale to Love Actually, romance never fails to make us fall in love again and again… Infact we just can’t get enough of the characters or the stories. The emotions that we’re all wrapped in those 120-150 minutes make us forget all our woes.
Similarly in a novel, we enjoy the story so much that we just can’t put the book down and are dying to know the end till we have been done with those 300 odd pages of reading. Finally we realize that the central theme of the story that got us hooked is actually a spin on Romance. The only difference amongst these stories and real life is that in the stories whether it’s motion picture or literature the author can limit the romance to the extent he deems fit. Where as in Real life we continue with our story till it ends bitterly or even sweetly and forget that there is nothing we control except the decision we can take on choosing which path we should take. But we get so carried away with the romance on screen and novels that we often our misguided by our true emotions. We fail to understand that the simpler the life much more easy to handle love and romance. Also in movies the characters are larger than life, they can act bold, where as in reality we really don’t know how others would react to our feelings and sentiments. Thus we should only listen to our own heart first and not get influenced by Romantic novels and movies. Instead we should use Romance in stories to inspire us.
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