Wazir -Movie Review !! 

Wazir- A brave ATS officer (Farhan Akhtar) and a disabled grandmaster (Amitabh Bachchan) face a mysterious and dangerous opponent (Neil Nitin Mukesh).
The film Opens with Danish (Farhan Akthar)and Ruhi (Aditi Rao hydari) driving to the market in Delhi with their only child busy playing on the phone ,when Danish spots a car with a terror group and calls his co-team member and follows the terrorist while chasing the car and once they reach in site and start firing each other,Danish (Farhan Akthar ) realises his child is quite and bleeding,but as they reach the hospital she is declared dead Now the movie actually begins.The story begins moving in the first 15 minutes itself,and using the incident described earlier as a prologue for the story.Amitab Bachan the protagonist of the story is introduced just when you think about where is the game of chess coming? The Movie about just 103 minutes (1Hr43Min)moves fast enough for you to wonder what will happen next ? a thriller based on an Original Story by Vidhu Vinod Chopra,also the Producer of the movie gave an opportunity to Bejoy Nambiar the Director,who many thought debuted with Wazir,but in fact has made two movies earlier (Shaitan 2011) With kalki koechlin ,Rajit kapur and RajumarRao and (David 2013) both the movies which don’t really ring a bell in your mind .But Wazir making it difficult to predict the end was a thrilling movie ,based on a story of game of chess.

The background score builds the tension when needed in the movie ,most noticeable during the moments of argument between Neil Nitin Mukesh and Farhan Akthar and the moment when Farhan Akthar is chasing Amitab Bachan and trying to stop him going to the airport .

A lot of the movies these days are working on the background music and mostly working on a track that might become more popluar then the rest and “Atrangi Yaari” is one such song .This movie had to release 6 months ago ,but finally released in January this year and it was worth the wait .Wazir – Go ahead and watch this one.

Dil Dhadakne do ..

The introduction of the characters and the Mehra family was done very well .The Mehra family being very wealthy and part of a high society , showed how the thought process and mindset of these people are ,as they are more worried about what others would think rather than actually knowing whether they are happy or not with their decisions ,also we all have choices but what’s the point if we can’t choose them ,the misunderstanding between family’s ,the business proposition “deals ” the conditional love that bring family together and how emotions always bind the family together .The thinking of how women are treated ,and how men are treated differently from them .There were quite a few dialogues supporting this argument .How behaviour occasionally shows that we are being disrespectful when we are just telling the truth .The characterisation of every character done so well that you could recognise each of them and relate to somebody you might have come across .

The film too spoke about that not everybody is blind just connecting the dots would get to the result of why ?

The film had good music by Shankar eshaan Loy ,who I believe has been a part of ZMND (zindagi na milagi dobara )

The star cast the actors right from Anil kapoor to Farhan akthar have done a fabulous job especially Ranveer singh with his expression and timing .

Priyanka Chopra performance was very realistic .

The small details of not mentioning daughter name after she is married

And the thought of why it wasn’t done showed how we humans think .

The ending showed no matter how successful ,wealthy you are if you aren’t happy amongst each other it doesn’t matter .

The dialogue “I don’t remember when we spent together as a family last “when they are in the life boat showed the culture of Indian family’s who are so family oriented .

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!!!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Today,i saw the movie after nearly a week since it’s release and i really enjoyed the movie from the way the characters were developed in each stage ,early childhood to being an adult ,to realising who he is .The movie also showed the hard work put in by athletes to try and always live upto the expectation. It was the hardwork that paid off, the struggle to being milkha singh from just Milkha… to being determined that there would be a day when he would be well known all over .

The performance by farhan akhtar was just too good to be true,there were portions in the movie where his side profile was as if milkha singh is actually there .

The Music, background score was also good . the movie also had  moments when you were under suspense during the narration .

The movie is a must watch ,especially an inspiring movie for the young upcoming athletes.