Non -Alcoholic Beverages

Non – Alcoholic beverages in India: 
India has been seeing a rise of non -Alcoholic beverage. If it was the Protein Shakes and Fresh Juices that had hit the Cola Market Shares! 
The introduction of Kingfisher’s the king of Good times Malt based Fruit drinks was another diversion for the Brand that was synonymous with Beer in India. 
Then we had Swami entering the market, it wasn’t as popular as it is today. But first the introduced Grapefruit & Cucumber tonic. A Drink that can be enjoyed just like that or with a little bit of alcohol. 
It wasn’t until the 2019s when the non- Alcoholic market sensed they should be part of this market. Budweiser, Heineken and Hoegaarden joined the Non-Alcoholic league. Where Hoegaarden has even introduced Rosé a Raspberry flavoured non-Alcoholic beer. 
The pandemic Struck! Alcohol wasn’t easily available. The ones who had their duty free stock too! Felt the pinch! When they were forced to splurge on their alcoholic choices once the wine shops opened. 
But with festive season all over starting from Diwali. The Bartenders were missed and the classic cocktails were not just introduced but were booming with #Homebartenders where Andstirred cocktails mixes & Mocktail’s and Jimmy’s cocktails like Whiskey-Sour, Cosmopolitan. And where Swami introduces A range of non-Alcoholic Cocktails (Rum Cola,Pink G&T and Gin & Tonic)  
While this is happening in India! Are we a future of Non – Alcoholic market looks exciting since there has been a range of non-Alcoholic alcohol’s that like Lyre & Ritual gaining a lot of popularity in the states. 
So are we going to be seeing a decline in alcohol in the coming years? Or are non-alcoholic beverages and alcohol just a fad and trend?  

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