Why are artist important?

Artist are the only who you turn to when you need a change. 
When you are sad and low you would like forward to hear something that makes you happy. 
When you are looking for inspiration, You again turn towards music. 
When you are looking for a story or want to know somebody better you look towards reading books and try finding the missing pieces of your life or your story. 
You are looking and are trying to live the life of that character by becoming part of his world. 
When You are in the mood of a good laugh or suddenly burst out with tears after you watching a scene or the movie. 
When you are starting at the painting or drawing to express Wow! So beautiful. 
And now when the World has come to a standstill it’s these artists through their Music, Stories, Movies and Art are keeping us entertained and alive with hope that life would be back to normal. 
It’s the artist who we criticise, who we too have in our inner-self but don’t want to explore or are parents who don’t us to explore that side of ours. 
Now it’s high-Time we encourage more artist to be part of this world. Because it’s them who keep us entertained always. 
And with so many uncertainties in life. 
And not knowing what’s happen’s tomorrow 
Let’s all be bold and live our dreams. 

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