The Traveller’s Trip!

You often,Hear people saying I love travelling!

But,What exactly is travelling?

Is it just going to Popular touristy places or travelling internationally “Been There Done That.” Or is it,Travelling to places,which is visited by a limited/Select few. Or is it travelling from point A to point B?

If you take the classic example of Mumbai.

You would know,Why the last point makes sense.It’s because it’s so widespread and has Vibe in each of its areas.You get to see and understand and learn about different classes and people.

Travelling ,through different means of transport too,You come across so many people from around the country,state and districts.That you realise,there couldn’t be a better way of knowing what people from around the country, do if you don’t travel and what other people think of your city and town.And you too can interact with other professionals,Who you meet and they might help ,When you need help!

On my long travelling journey,To home.nashik,- mumbai

Have met Doctors,Lawyers and real estate developers,Teachers,Insurance agents,Politicans, Caterers and very often students.And it has been so much of fun! To talk to them and to know about what their profession really means to them.

And that’s why I like travelling! Because you get to meet so many new people from

All walks of life,everyday.

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