Million$Quartet Musical !!

One Afternoon,I am told by one of my colleagues.

Today,I have to go and watch the “Million Dollar Quartet” Musical.I had to keep myself content Not because,I knew I was going for a spectacular show! But the experience of witnessing a musical show And As the show concluded.

I was a totally a fan of the entire cast who performed the       

“Million Dollar Quartet”   a recording of an impromptu  jam session involving (Elvis Presley) Played by Rhys Whitfield ,(Jerry Lee Lewis) played by  Martin Kaye who is simply magical with not only his fingers But as a performer too   ,(Carl Perkins) played by Matt Wycliffe was electrifying with the guitar    and (Johnny Cash) played by Robbie Durham  made on December 4 ,1956 at the Sun Records Studio in Memphis,Tennessee  

 The recording was first released in Europe in 1981 as The Million Dollar Quartet with 17 tracks. 

Peter Duncan   Played by Sam Philips the legendary record producer – the man who brought the 4 recording stars together to create music history.

Established performer Carl Perkins was to record songs with a new performer, Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis Presley stops by the studio along with his girlfriend, a singer named Dyanne (at the real session, Elvis’s girlfriend was a dancer, Marilyn Evans—now Riehl).Johnny Cash had stopped by to talk to recording impresario Sam Philips. They soon have a jam session together. Philips attempts to re-sign Johnny Cash to a new contract, unaware he has already signed with Columbia Records  Typically, as a member from the Quartet enters for the first time, he sings a verse of one of his most famous songs, followed by an onstage freeze of all actors. During this time Sam Philips relates to the audience how he first discovered the boy, and a brief, few line scene of that moment occurs between Philips and the musician, followed by Sam Phillips asking the boy to play something for him, which is the next verse of the song, and everyone unfreezes.

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