English The language we all know is difficult to learn,English is also known as a phunny language and today even the simplest words are hard to spell correct if the autocorrect isn’t activated in your devices like the mobile fone tablet and Computer
While just browsing online the other day the house helper came up and asked me “Akhil” what’s the spelling of January. I Quickly Responded with J-A-N-U-A-R-Y.

Thought for another moment and repeated yes it’s (J-A-N-U-A-R-Y) 

But,I wasn’t still sure about the spelling as my mind did not check the correct word I Spelled out,So only when I googled I was satisfied yes the spelling was correct.

With each passing day,We are so heavily dependent on our devices that the day isn’t too far when we will google each word and write it down since our vocabulary consists of “U” 

Instead of “You” “v” instead “We” we aren’t moving ahead with our grammar rather moving backwards,going back to those historic days of the past in other words the world would be adapating to Latin English once again. 

Back to the Shakespearean times “Thou shall not pass “in English if it’s not Shakespearean. Technology is making us handicapped and we haven’t realised yet.

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